Blood in stools

Hi all, I finished the usual treatment for 3C2 in January, had an internal exam in March and an abdominal and pelvic MRI at start of May, everything came back as clear with no evidence of the tumour or cancer in my lymph nodes.

Sorry if this is TMI but just looking for some reassurance…

My bowels were pretty bad towards the end of treatment, and since ending treatment I’ve had to run to the toilet a lot.

In the last 10 days or so I’ve noticed blood in my stools and on the toilet paper, I feel the urgency to go as before but am almost a little constipated. I was also very bloated the last couple of days though that has settled down a little.

This coincides with me stopping taking iron tablets (GP said my haemoglobin was fine after 6 months on the tablets) so I don’t know if it’s linked.

I am going to email my oncologist about it, and make an appointment with my GP but he’s pretty useless and just seems to refer me to specialists who I’m still waiting to hear from - HRT specialist and Rheumatology specialist as my rheumatoid factor is really high and I have had arm/shoulder pain since way before I was diagnosed, so he thinks it’s an autoimmune thing.

Of course I’m thinking the worst, then tell myself the MRI last month would have picked it up, it’s likely to be radiation damage of some sort.

Has anyone had similar issues?



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Hi @Emsypops,

I’m sorry you’re also experiencing this and it must be so stressful for you. Unfortunately this is common side effect of radiation. Mine started a year after my treatment. Told my care team and they weren’t worried and told me that it can happen due to the intense treatment we’ve been through. But it’s always ideal to let your oncologist and radiation oncologist know about any bleeding so it’ll be investigated. But I hope this gives you peace as I know how worrisome it can be. Since you had your MRI last month if there’s a growth anywhere it would’ve picked it up. Sending you much love. Xx


Thanks for reassuring me @May17

My oncologist doesn’t seem to be too concerned about things so she has put my mind at ease slightly. I’ve to stop taking my blood thinners from today so I’m hoping that will make a difference as well.

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Hi, I am 3 years post treatment (3C2) and have been experiencing very similar symptoms. They suspect that its damage from radiotherapy however I was sent for a colonoscopy.

They had to abandon this as it was so painful for me. I have now had a CT colon and am waiting on the results.

On the notes for the colonosopy, about the part they did manage to see, it says angioectasia, which I think is leisions, which would explain the bleeding.

I hope you get it sorted


Hello @xxHHxx ,

I’m sorry lovely that you’re also experiencing this 3 years post treatment. When you said lesions, are they cancerous? I still bleed occasionally and my team has not referred me to colonoscopy and didn’t seemed worried when I told them about the bleeding. Now I’m wondering if I should push for it.
Please keep us posted on how you get on. Much love. Xx

I’m sorry for my ignorance I looked it up online and I guess it means dilated blood vessels that causes the bleeding. I hope they’ll be able you sort you out after the CT scan. Please let us know how you get on.

Hi, yes thats it caused by the radiotherapy, if you take a look at the pelvic radiation disease site, there a lot of people on their forum with the same issues, that have started months or years after treatment.

My consultant wasnt overly concerned, but wanted it all checked out just incase.

And i guess if it is just damage from treatment they can look at repairing it .

Ill let you know how it goes

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So I have it confirmed that its Radiation proctitis, nothing to worry about.


I’m so happy for you and so relieved to hear this. :slight_smile: Can I just ask does the bleeding or blood in stools happen regularly for you?

Thank you, it is a relief.

Yes, fairly regularily, sometimes its quite bad some times just light, probably every 2 weeks ish.

I did speak too soon though, although the colon is fine they have found some enlarged lymphnodes near my left kidney! … waiting for another PET CT :roll_eyes:

Hopefully not a reoccurance and just my body being an arse :confused:

Hi @xxHHxx,

I’m sorry you’re doing through this uncertainty right now. What are the next steps to know for sure about the lymph node? It can be other things aside from cancer. I’m sending you all the love and prayers. Please keep us posted. Xx

Awaiting a scan the end of sept to see if the lit up areas on the pet scan have grown. :neutral_face:

If they have its a chemo cocktail for me.

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I can’t imagine the stress and anxiety you are feeling right now. I’m sending you all the love and support. Please keep us posted. Xx

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Hey lovely @xxHHxx ,

Been thinking about you. How are you holding up? Did you get results or scan yet to check on the lymph nodes? I’m praying it’s just inflammation and you won’t need any treatment. Please keep me posted. You’re in my thoughts always. Sending you all my love. Xx

Hey , results day is Friday 13th!! Lucky I am not superstitious. Can’t change anything so am just carrying on as normal.

How are you getting on? Hope you are doing well and havent come accross anything else x


Hey lovely,

How was the results? Did they find out about the lymph nodes? Sorry I’ve been busy with work lately and I also have a fair share of the side effects. I’m having cystitis symptoms. I hope you are well considering everything that is going on. I’m here whenever you need to vent or share anything. Sending you all my love. Xx

Hey ,

The after effects of treatment are so awful, I hope they mabgr to get it inder control.

The news not great, they have noted growth in the nodes which further points to recurrance, still too small to biopsy. Next scan January.

I can no longer do this

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Just an update on my original post in case anyone has the same issue.
I had a colonoscopy 3 weeks ago which showed extensive damage to my colon - 35cm of damage caused by radiation. They said they would do nothing unless i became anaemic. I got bloods done and I’m anaemic, HB was down to 85. I got referred back to hospital and saw a colo-rectal consultant today. He said they would normally treat the area with lasers but its too extensive so I’ll be getting a course of sucralfate enemas. Lucky me! But at least it’s treatable i guess, and so far no sign of a recurrence


I hope you’re doing okay, and that your next scan is promising xx

Sorry to hear you have radiation damage but so happy for you there’s no sign of reoccurrence :pray:t2:
Amy xx

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