Bleeding two weeks post LLETZ

I had LLETZ under a general anasethetic to treat CIN2 two weeks ago (Consultant said it was too difficult to do it under local because of the location and area of the abnormality)

I bled a tiny bit on the day then all I've had since is a yellowish discharge. Tonight, 15 days after the procedure) I began bleeding. I'm not due a period for another week yet, as I finished my last period the day before the procedure.

Is this normal, to have no bleeding and then suddenly start this late after the procedure?

I'm a huge worrier! I get married in two weeks as well so am panicing about infections etc. 

Hi Lucile,

I had the same procedure under general 6 weeks ago and am still bleeding on and off.  It's completely normal apparently so long as you aren't going through a pad an hour or it starts to smell and you experience discomfort then you should be fine.

If you are concerned then call your colposcopy nurse specialists.  I was told to wait for 6 weeks then went in yesterday and had the area recauterised which, so far, has stopped the bleeding but I was told to expect to bleed again for a couple of weeks.

Bleeding is horrible though isn't it?!  I'm a huge worrier too and it's been constantly on my mind since the procedure x