Colposcopy and LLETZ procedure

Hi ladies

I had my colposcopy on 15/12/2020, all went well and only a small area of cell changes were present. As I was so anxious she said it was best if I had the LLETZ treatment there and the which again all went well. My doctor told me I would bleed for a few days but she said it shouldn't be too heavy however has anyone ever experienced no bleeding? A few hours after the procedure i had a tiny bit of brown spotting and some cramping but thats all. Thank you for reading.



I had my lletz on 4th December and I had no discharge/bleeding for first 3 days after procedure. On day 4 I started to have yellow/brown discharge which 2 days later (on day 6) turned into bleeding. Heard from many people that they did not bleed straight away but after a few days. With me the same case was after biopsy, first few days nothing and then it started coming out, thought after lletz will be similar and wasnt wrong. Now, 2 weeks later is off and on, one day i bleed, the next it stops and then discgarge again?‍♀️ kind of fed up with it now☹


Thank you very much for replying, for some reason I thought I would have bled straight away so just confused me a little bit. I'm still having a few cramps aswell so I'm kind of expecting to have a bleed at some point.

Aww I hope you stop bleeding soon, its not nice at the best of times never mind on the lead up to Christmas when everything is so hectic.

Hello both The reason why you don't bleed for a few days is because your colposcopist cauterises the wound - so what you are describing is normal. After a while as part of the healing process a scab will come away - a bit like coffee granules.  You should report any unusual symptoms such as extremely heavy bleeding or smelly discharge as this could be a sign of infection. When you first bleed there may be a slightly burnt smell because of the cauterisation!! I bled for 5 weeks but I think they took quite a big chunk to be on the safe side! Sorry for the tmi & graphic descriptions. Were you given a leaflet telling you what to expect? Hope you both feel better soon!

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Yes, I also would have thought bleeding would be straight after but then they told me they stop initial bleed by couterising and then they put some stuff there to seal the wound so it makes sense. Thinking its good they do it otherwise I guess bleed would be crazy from open wound like this? I have been told that the heaviest bleed MAY BE around 10-14 days after because thats when the scab may come off? for me its 2weeks tomorrow and touch wood it really wasnt anything worse than spotting so far? well, i have been told all of this is part of healing process we have to go through? but it starts to tire me now, wearing pads for so long?? good luck dear xx


Thanks for replying. I never though about them sealing the wound to be honest with you, i think I just had that much going on in my head at the time that its something i never even thought about haha. I got leaflet just explains that I could bleed for 3 to 5 days but that it shouldn't really be heavy and if that was the case to get in touch. The rest of the leaflet was just general what to do and what not to do.


I never really thought about them sealing the wound, head was just like mush haha.

Hi 55,

Do you know if its normal that since I had it done 2weeks ago Im so so bloated non stop☹ 

And also now at the end of second week the pain comes and goes, it feels very weird a bit like needles for a few seconds and then goes? i should note that i had no such pain in the first week.

Worried a bit

Hi Firefly32 thank you for your reply - I am not a medical professional so would advise you to contact your medical team about your symptoms but I will say that it will probably take a few weeks for you to completely heal. Jo's helpline is also useful as a source of support. I was assigned a clinical nurse specialist by my hospital and phoned her a couple of times when I was concerned about my physical health. You could also contact the Ask the Expert on here although it can take a few days for them to reply so if your symptoms concern you your hospital team and your GP would be the best place to go.The Eve Appeal also has a nurse specialist who you can call with any concerns about gynae symptoms. I hope this helps and that you feel better soon. Happy Christmas!

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Hi Vickib 

I had my colposcopy & lletz done on 7th December and I only started to bleed today. Up till today I only had a discharge 

I had my treatment on the 19th of November 2020 I had a small bleed for first few days then it got heavier then eased off but sadly two weeks after my treatment I managed to get an infection. Bleeding was very heavy and the pain was horrid never spent some much time lead in bed. 

Hi sammi

Thanks for replying, as of yet I've still had no bleeding. Not sure if its just because I only had a small area of abnormal cells to be removed so I only had the LLETZ  done she never did a biopsy just said she will send my abnormal cells off to pathology for testing.