Bleeding after Lletz



does anyone have any advice, I did not bleed for the first week after Lletz but then on the 8th day I started bleeding and have bled ever since, this is now two week. Is this normal?


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Yes that sounds normal. I didn't bleed until 6 days after my LLETZ and then bled for about 3 weeks before it finally stopped

Hi, after i had mine done the bleeding was ok for about a week (like a light period). then on the 8th day it got very heavy then nith day it had a horrible smell like nothing i had smelt before. 

i tried to make a DRs appointment but couldnt get one as it was a friday and i was told to call back on the monday. The next day though the smell had gone so i didnt bother. it smell like burrnt flesh and chemicals so i figured it was where the scab had started to come off.  bleeding was heavy for about 4-5 days and then settled down. i then had my period and after that the bleeding stopped so i think in total i bled for about 4 weeks including my period. Havnt had any problems since x

Thank you all... oh its so horrible isnt it!x

Hey, its 9 days after my lletz procedure and yesterday my bleeding got heavier and very red. I was on my period when i had the procedure done so i didn't really notice any difference in the first week after. Ive read loads of forums and alot of girls seem to have experienced the same. Some went to their doctors and where given antibiotics to be on the safe side. I think i'll give it a few more days to settle then maybe go see my doctor. Ive found this website the most helpful and its helped me realise im not alone. Thanks ladies

Hi - I had very light bleeding for the first few days then it went heavier (and redder) in the 2nd week. I had my LLETZ on the 23rd of June and there is still some slight bleeding but it is getting better.

I know this thread is old, but hoping that someone has some answers. 

2 weeks ago I had  lletz procedure. All fine up until 48 hours ago. 4 days into period I start bleeding and clotting very badly. 6 hours and went to the ER at 2am after waking up in a pool of blood.

I stayed in over night from the next day for monitoring on medication to slow bleeding and antibiotics. Doctor suspecting infection. 


Had gauze put in against cervix and bleeding was minimal. No bleeding thos morning so I was discharged with just antibioics. Now...6 hours after arriving home I have started light bleeding again. I am scared to go to the toilet for fear of gushing and clots again! Is this normal. Now on day 6 of period and doctors don't actually know if it was just an extremely heavy period or infection/surgical site bleeding. 


If I go back i will need surgery to reseal the area. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? 

Does the bleeding reside? I am bed ridden in fear of walking around and causing bleeding again. 

I just want to be normal :-( 

Hello Tam22,

i am so pleased you have posted on here as like you say all the posts are quite old so it is good to speak to someone who has also recently gone through the procedure. 

I had my lletz treatment done on the 4th July and was really lucky as I didn't bleed at all until today. The bleeding is really heavy and bright red and have some clotting too. I feel the same as I am also scared of going to the toilet for fear of what I will see. It sounds silly doesn't it. I feel quite emotional about it all and was doing ok until today. 

i noticed you posted your comment about three weeks ago. How has it been for you since? I hope you are a lot better x

Hi all

I'm lying here in bed reading these forums trying to find some answers. I had lletz treatment under general anaesthetic on 29 July. On 31 July I passed some blood clots and bled heavily but only for about 10 minutes. I've had nothing else but a yellowy/brown discharge until tonight though I have been feeling tired and, one day, a bit lightheaded. I just passed some more clots and have had another heavy, bright red bleed which seems to be subsiding now. 

I know it's the same old question but is this normal or should I try and speak to my doctor in the morning?

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I had my lletz  25 August, I had a bit of mucky discharge for a few days after and then nothing. I got my period when it was due and it smelled quite bad which I put down to having to use towels instead of tampons. My period was just going, when I went to the toilet and was bleeding bright red blood, but not like a period, it was cut red and was dripping constantly like a tap. No one had said this could happen and I panicked a bit because it had been 2.5 weeks since the procedure and it was quite shocking to be bleeding constantly like an open wound. I went to a&e and they told me it was normal but that I probably had an infection and they gave me antibiotics as a precaution, I'm still bleeding, but it's just spotting now and hopefully will stop soon. I'm grateful for this site as it's reassuring to read that others have been through the same thing. I hope my account helps someone else to feel reassured.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the ladies that have left comments and advice and have beeb able to share their stories. I have found it so helpful and reassuring. I myself have just had lletz treatment for the 2nd time and am finding it difficult to cope with. I had the treatment 11 days ago and i am bleeding quite heavy now. I have read that on here that it is pretty coomon. I am going to make a doctors appointment just in case. Good to know there is a site like this and people so brave to share stories in such a sensitive subject.

Hi there, I am new to this, but i am finding these forums of excellent use to stop myself panicking. I had my Lletz 10 days ago, for most of that time i have just had watery brown discharge. Then suddenly today the bleeding has started. I was a bit shocked. It has only been an hour or so, so i guess that i will have to get used to it. I had planned to go out today to a party, and now i am not so sure. I don't want to be a wimp, but neither do i want to be leaving a bleeding trail everywhere.

I know this is an old thread, but we're any of you on the mini pill at the time? 

I'm on the mini pill, I don't have periods but it's a week since lletz and I'm having really bad tummy cramps and I'm bleeding. Not even painkillers are touching the pain. 

I don't think it's an infection, it just feels like a really bad period. I take the pill to not have periods for a genuine medical reason. 

Hello. I am also on the mini pill and started bleeding around 1 week ago. Had my LLETZ on the 9th of March 2017. I was quite worried however after reading this feel reassured. Im not sure if its bleeding post LLETZ or a bad period as I am getting crampy from yesterday and painful back. I am considering going to see the GP this eve as it has been over a week now however and the bleesding was improving but is now getting worse again. Leanne

Hi everyone, 

Went to dr about mid cycle bleeding, she did a smear which indicated CIN1, I didn’t know this when I had my biopsy done but that then indicated CIN2. They then kind of insisted that I have the lletz done despite a terrible experience previously which landed me in hospital. My pathology results post lletz gave a CIN1 result! Makes me feel that this could have been monitored without doing the lletz.

Anyhow, three weeks in and i’m still bleeding. To begin with it was just watery which was ok, I then got an infection about a week after the lletz which I had antibiotics for. Then on the final day of antibiotics, I started bleeding quite heavily. My period wasn‘t due until the Friday so didn’t know what was what. It’s slowed but still not stopped. Wondering if should go back to the doctors or just wait a bit longer. I wish they could find a treatment which was not so harsh. Recovery for us seems to take such a long time. 

Hi Bec, did u find out why this happened as it's happening to me now Frown pain is terrible and bleeding seems to be getting heavier with clots....





I understand this is quite an old thread and I have read most comments, I had my LLetz 12 days ago. I had a small spit of blood on day of procedure and just some small brownish discharge since. But today (day 12 I started to bleed a very bright red. Its getting heavier now, I have been taking the depo injection for a few years now so I don't get a period anymore and havnt for two years, I'm having pain as well. I had taken a course of antibiotics and finished them a few days ago. I'm a little worried as I have gotten thrush from the antibiotics. Should I go back to my Dr? Or just wait it out? I hate hospitals and I don't like going to my Dr unless I need too.

I hope someone has an answer for me

Hi all I know I’m repeating things a it but I’m really worried and hoping someone can help 


I had my lletz and laser treatment on 2.5.19, 12 days ago now .. I had no discharge or anything and all of a sudden I’ve started bleeding like a heavy periods. 


Im on mini pill so haven’t had a period for about 4 years so it’s a bit of a shock 


I’m worried that everything is ok, I called the hospital and they said that it’s normal, but it certainly doesn’t feel normal :( 


will this stop bleeding soon? 



I’m in similar situation to you, I hope you’re ok 

Hello Ladies,

Understand this is old trial, however looking for some similar responses. I have just joined this forum after having checked online with my problem. I am 36 years went through LLETZ on the 27-May-2019 after which I only had a light brown discharge for the last 1 week. I cannot call it bleeding as it wasn’t blood as such, which I expected and was told by my gync. Last night (7 days after the procedure) I have bleeding with fresh blood, however without cramps or any pain or odd smell. I kept reading many things on the internet and kind of freaked out with this. 

I have regular periods, and this is not periods I assume, periods is only due in another 10 days.

Since I am traveling for work purpose, I cannot visit my gync and I have requested a call back from her to discuss this. I wanted to know if this was normal. I was on antibiotics for healing and I wonder how this happened after 7 days of the procedure.

Please assist.

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