Bleeding.... How long after colposcopy

Hello all. 

I posted a couple of weeks ago with my concerns with my colposcopy. I still haven't had any results yet but I know I had a loop excision due to the severe high grade dyskaryosis..

I was told not to bath, have sex or exercise for four weeks and I would experience dark discharge up to three weeks after my colposcopy  

I have had my period since I had the colposcopy, it was much heavier and longer but I expected that too. I have also had the brownish and pinkish discharge. However, tonight I have experienced bad back lower back ache and noticed red spotting when I have gone to the toilet. It's not a lot, but it's bright red. Is this normal? I'm worrying as I had the treatment two weeks ago and feel already like I've waited a lifetime for the results.

Hope someone can clarify this as I am sure the consultant I saw said red spotting and bright discharge was something to speak to the gp about. 


Thank you in advance. 


Hi I had mine done 3 weeks ago and I'm still bleeding. it's not heavy or smelly, just comes and goes but is pink/red and bright. I am ovulating now and not sure if that is making it worse?! not sure if I should see doctor Too!

 Hi hannah.dont want to frighten you at all but a few hours after writing the previous post I ended up in after hours gp last night due to haemorrhaging, two examinations and tests later I'm on antibiotics for a suspected infection. Doctor told me that bright red blood isn't normal especially after a week of the treatment. If your in any doubt call your doctor. X