Periods after colposcopy

Hi there, wondered if anyone had experienced similar to me, referred to Gyno by my GP as heavy discharge and cervix didn’t look normal. Gyno done a colposcopy, said I had to monitor bleeding etc. bleeding stopped, but did have a discharge. The second day at night, bleeding started, I think it might be my periods tbh, but I’m in the pill and not due for another 2 weeks. Has anyone else’s periods came early After colposcopy?

in addition to all that, I seem to cry at a drop of a hat, don’t know why, possibly worry about results and having to go back, the stress of the colposcopy, it wasn’t straight forward plus I blacked out. Im a single girl and feel quite alone in all this, but anyone that has asked I’ve kept them at arms length, makes no sense :(


i experienced bleeding 12 days after mine I was t sure if it was a period or no. I have now got s period again 2wks later I really don’t know what is going on but there’s nobody I can talk too about it every time I call the help line it goes straight to answer machine. I’m going to keep a dairy and see how it is for the next few weeks. Hopefully we both find something out. I’m all over the place too my results still haven’t come through and it’s 5wks now xxxx

Hey, did you have any biopsies taken?