Colposcopy and Period

Hello all- first time poster but you all are saving my sanity.

First, probably should have read all the “Don’t google” posts first. Everything online is “biopsy=cancer”…did not help my nerves. Still a bit scared since I’m a DES granddaughter with HPV + and have had abnormal smears in the past.

Big question at the moment is, I had the colposcopy done at the very start of what was supposed to be my period. I wasn’t bleeding heavily so they said to keep the appt. I’m at the one week mark and I’m still having cramps/bleeding that doesn’t seem like my normal period at all. Was wondering if I should worry or if anyone else has had a wonky period after having a colposcopy?


Hi hun, i came on just after my colposcopy and it was horrendous but i did also have biopsies taken. If your worried call your nurse or gp. 

Good luck xx

I'm having the same trouble I came on a week after my colposcopy treatment ( not biopsy )

and thought it was gone today but it's come back it came early too I have been bleeding now a good 5/6 days which is unusual for me.. I think I will wait to see if it goes away if not see a gp. I'm not sure what to do as I wasn't told about my period being any different so I'm a bit confused. 

Does any one have any advice is this normal?