Irregular period after colposcopy

Hi ladies… just wondering if anyone elses periods have been a bit irregular since colposcopy/biopsies? I had my first period as normal after my colposcopy, on time etc. Came off around 2wks ago, and today im spotting. Im HPV+ with low grade dyskaryosis. Having to go back in May for another colposcopy because they said my biopsies didnt give enough information (whatever that means!)
Im just hoping the spotting isnt anything more sinister xxx

Hi Tee, abnormal bleeding and irregular periods are common after colposcopy. My GP said it can last for up to 8 weeks. I had mine done start of Feb, had no bleeding until my normal period time, around a week after, then around a week after my period ended I had a rather heavy bleed that only lasted a few hours. Now I have my period again.

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@Andrea138 hiya thank you for replying to me. They never warned me about it at my colposcopy, so i started to panic! Glad its normal xxx

The info they give u about the after effects is really poor! I was at my GP every other day for first few weeks because I was certain I had an infection :woman_facepalming::sweat_smile: I should say as well, you might pass a weird looking clot at some point too, it’s just the scab so don’t worry if it happens. X

I have the colposcopy/biopsies done on 14th Feb and haven’t been right since! Ive had an awful dull tugging pain all down my low left side. The doc examined me, is painful to push down on it etc, and had referred me for a scan on my ovary, but the pain literally started 2 days after the colposcopy. Ive called them, telling them im in pain etc but they said there was no signs of infection so just wait for the scan. Yesterday i had brown blood spotting and today ive got what i can only describe as skin looking stringy discharge, just looks like skin. Sorry for to much information. Its been well over a month now and just getting bit fed up xxx

Hi @Tee1 sorry to hear you are still getting pains. I remember we spoke about this on another thread before. If it helps to reassure you my pains did stop eventually- it took a few weeks though. They became more intermittent and I noticed them if I had over-exerted myself exercising or was sleep deprived. I think it was just my body trying to heal. I also had the weird discharge- stringy/skin like, almost like dried glue?! That’s good you’re having a scan though. Hope you feel better very soon xx

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@WorriedWorm Yes, exactly like dried glue!!! The docs just dont seem concerned at all. The pain is worse when ive been to work, im a housekeeper so i do lots of lifting and stretching etc. Im just really concerned as its been 6wks ish. Did you have the discharge for long? I told the doc im getting it now and she said even though its been a while since the biopsies, it could be from that still, but im not convinced. I had a period 2wks after the biopsies and i was fine, other than the one sided pain. I get health anxiety and everything in my head is massively exaggerated haha xxx

@Tee1 that’s so weird we both had the ‘dried glue’ discharge! I had it for a few days. I do lots of lifting and stretching with my job too and it definitely made it worse the day after. People kept saying maybe I was straining a muscle but this was definitely not muscular.

I get health anxiety also and 100% understand how unnerving this pain is and how much it can make you worry… I kept worrying it was indicative of something worse linked to my cell changes. But I tried to keep reminding myself of the fact it didn’t start until after the biopsy so in all likelihood it was caused by that. And now it has stopped I feel confident it was just my body having a bit of a wobbly after the biopsy. I wonder if I will get it again now as I’m recovering from LLETZ (I hope not). It’s so frustrating when the doctor’s don’t seem bothered about your pain. I think it’s good you’re having a scan, hopefully that will provide reassurance for you.

Have you tried taking ibuprofen for it? Paracetamol wasn’t helping me at all, but Ibuprofen actually helped xx