Colposcopy and periods

Hi everyone, been lurking here for a few weeks and just made an account. My smear (2nd one) came back positive for HPV with low grade changes and my colposcopy is booked for Thursday, but it feels like my period is coming :face_with_peeking_eye:

I’ve had heavy and irregular periods for a while and couldn’t tell you when they’re coming - I got the copper coil at the same time as my smear to help with my menstrual issues and idk if I’m actually regular at all yet, if I am I should be due on Sunday and this is just crappy long PMS again. But now I’m nervous they won’t be able to do it if I’m on. Has anyone been on their period (light or heavy) on the day of theirs and was it able to happen?

Thanks so much xx

Hi @emma6

I was on a yearly follow up for CIN1 when my periods just went haywire, they became very heavy and irregular (GP put it down to my cervical ectropion which still doesnt really make sense to me but anyway lol), my follow up smear was still abnormal so i did need another colposcopy… id finished bleeding about a week before hand so i thought i was safe lol oh no, just as i was getting the gown on i started bleeding quite heavily… they were still able to do the colposcopy and take biopsies as he did suspect that i had a higher grade change based off what he was seeing, they just wernt able to offer treatment there and then so they called me in for that after the biopsy results came through xx

Thank you @Tinkerbelle29 that makes me feel a lot better!! Haywire is the best way to describe mine, too! No sign of the red devil yet, thankfully, and a week of pain is “normal” for me before it actually shows up, so I’m hoping it holds off. My hospital is a ‘see and treat’ and honestly as long as they can do the ‘see’ part on Thursday I’m okay with that xx