Colposcopy and late period...

Hello ladies,

I had my colposcopy on 12th of this month and it went as it should have (not pleasant but very glad I had it done) and the doctor did a biopsy. Afterwards I had strong cramping and bleeding for 3-4 days followed by greyish stringy discharge that looked like it was the cervical tissue coming away maybe - again this all seems very normal. That cleared up and I only had twinges of pain after that.
I am not on the pill and haven’t been for nearly a year now and I generally have a regular cycle, I am very rarely late.
I am now 2 days late for my period and there are no signs of it at all, no spotting.
Has anyone experienced this? Could the colposcopy have caused my period to be a few days late or is it possible I could have conceived a few days before my colposcopy and biopsy and not have been aware?
Any help would be greatly appreciated or anyone elses experiences, I don’t know what to think.

Hi Smj,

My period arrived about a week or so late after colposcopy/punch biopsies, but I have a varied cycle and to be honest this whole situation has been quite stressful/worrisome, so I wasn't surprised when it didn't show.

If you've had unprotected sex over the past month then conception can't be completely ruled out as a possibility, but I think the fact that you haven't felt any of the usual pre-menstrual symptoms might just mean there's a bit of a delay with the usual hormone delivery. :) 

Hi had mine on 13 of this month, biopsies and the same after symptoms. Still have some period like light cramping but still no period week over due :) Probaby physical and emotional shake up just knocked things out of kilter x

Thankyou ladies this is so helpful and everyone is so nice here! The stress and worry and general messing about must be delaying it as it's day 3 and still no sign. I took a pregnancy test last night to be sure and that was negative so just a case of waiting it out! 

When I had my lletz in Nov'16 my period was over 2weeks late... Tbh I think in my case it was due to all the stress. I had convinced myself it was cc... x