Bleeding during smear; nurse wants second opinion

I recently went for my six month recall screening; I had abnormal cells about a year and a half ago and had a biopsy which confirmed the changes were viral only, and my first screening after that biopsy showed no abnormal cells.

I'm still waiting on the results of this latest screening but had a worrying experience I wanted some advice on. At the screening, the nurse asked the usual questions re: any suspicious symptoms; I answered no. During the course of the exam, she was concerned about the amount of bleeding and asked if I had endometriosis; I'm not aware of having this, so I said no, but advised her my period was due in the next few days. She said she could see nothing that concerned her and it would be a few weeks before my results were ready.

I received a call yesterday from the nurse asking if I would come down to the surgery next week; she advised she was probably being over-cautious but wanted the GP to take a look due to the bleeding at the screening, and again asked me to confirm I've been having no symptoms of bleeding, pain, etc. She also asked how soon after my period came.

Obviously this is now playing on my mind and just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and what it turned out to be? I go back on Tuesday and I know everyone is different - just keen to hear what could possibly be some causes. In case it is of importance, I also have a tilted cervix.

thanks in advance. 

Hi nmt,


I've just seen the date on this post, so you may have already had your appointment now and further discussion.

I hope you are okay and that the nurse was being overly cautious.


Good luck with your cervical screening results x