6 month follow up smear

Hi all,

Just wanted to share that I have just been for my first 6 month follow up smear, having had a LLETZ for CIN 3 back in October. I was feeling OK about it but my goodness, the nurse was one of the rudest, most unpleasant people I have had the misfortune to come across. When she asked when my last period was, and I said that it was approximately 3 weeks ago and that I am due to come on next Wednesday/Thursday, she rolled her eyes and snapped "You're meant to have a smear in the middle of your cycle. I probably won't get enough cells, so they might not be able to give you a result. Then you have to wait 3 months to have another smear". I was shocked at her manner and tone but also, I have never been told that you have to have your smear in the middle of your cycle - am I just being thick? Surely it would say that on my 6 month appointment letter if it was so important?? She seemed very hurried and I felt that she was a bit rough and heavy handed when doing the smear. She said that I'd bled, so there was even less chance that the sample could be analysed. As the nurse was clearly such a b****, I didn't waste my breath to ask for her opinion/advice on the bleeding.

I have bled on a previous smear (my first ever one - which came back clear) but obviously now, after going through all this abnormality nonsense, I am worried that this is a bad sign. Has anyone else bled on a smear? I have never bled after sex so I don't understand why I bleed during smears. It has set my mind whirring with worries.

So overall, what was already an unpleasant procedure was made even worse by a nasty nurse (why someone like that enters the health profession is beyond me!). I have had a cuppa and a chocolate bar to soothe my nerves.....now just the wait for results. Am off on holiday next week and I refuse to let it be ruined by worry and anxiety!! I will keep you all updated - fingers and toes crossed for good news xxx

Hi, I bled on my first smear and when I asked my older sister who has had clear smears and abnormal smears, she said she ALWAYS bleeds on them! She said its the angle for her, maybe it was for you too?

so sorry to hear you had a bit of a rotten experience today, I wonder if some nuses actually think about how their attitude affects their patients. Fortunatley I have only had very positive experiences far. I was aware that smears should be done mid cycle but didnt know why, I got my appointment for follow up after lletz within a couple of days of the procedure, pretty much a miracle that they hit the right time in my cycle booking it 6 months ahead!

Up until the last one I had never bled at smear but did this time due to an ectropian (what they used to call erosion) that had developed as a result of the treatment, the nurse explained it as cells from the cervical canal, which are much more delicate grow out onto the surface, they can then bleed on contact. An ectropian is quite common for other reasons too and doesnt usually need treatment as symptoms dont always present. Unfortunatley for me I had a big problem with post coital bleeding so the nurse cauterised it for me after she had done the smear. It could be that your cells are still a bit delicate after the treatment.

Your holiday should help to take your mind off things so kick back and enjoy a well deserved break.

Aww thanks both for your replies...somehow reassuring to know that I am not the only one who bleeds during a smear. Have calmed down a lot now - the one thing that this whole experience has taught me is not to waste time and energy stressing about small stuff (mean nurses being one of them). Stressing/worrying etc is not going to change the outcome of my smear result - it is out of my hands....just going to have to deal with whatever gets thrown my way. 

Niki - up until today, I have also only had positive experiences of all the medical staff who have helped me through this experience. Fortunately the bad ones seem to be in the minority!