Newbie looking advice

Hey ladies…first time post.
I had been experiencing some bleeding after sex, foul discharge and back pain and swollen left leg for three months. This prompted me to book a smear (second smear as I’m 27). Anyway I went for the smear today and started to bleed during the exam, the nurse also said she has seen something while trying to take an exam, she told me to expect a call from the hospital within the next week for a biopsy. I’m now going out of my mind and wondering if anyone else has had this problem during a smear


welcome to the forum everyone on here is lovely & you can get lots of advise.

i also bled during my smear & have been bleeding after sex too which led me to my smear (8yrs late) my nurse didn't tell me at the time that she had spotted something i only found this out after my gp called me about my results.

I had the call from the gp on the Thu (week after smear) & then had my hospital appointment on the Monday so all very quick.

I would expect they will do a colposcopy to take a closer look at your cervix. Depending on your smear results & the abnormality of cells they may perform a Lletzs to remove the cells & take a biopsy at the same time.

that's what they did for me & im currently awaiting biopsy results.

hopefully you will hear from the hospital very soon ( I did the following day after the phone call from my gp )

Everything has moved so fast but I'm now in limbo waiting these results.

keep in touch 

Mel xx


Thank you for the reply...I hope your biopsy results come with some good news <3 

I'm driving myself mad with worry at the minute, I guess I told myself it was an infection and I would get some assurance at the smear, but the now that the gynie nurse seemed a lot more concerned about recording my symptoms after she done the exam has worried me.

Hopefully I get some answers soon and the samefoer you



Waiting for results is horrible isn't it. 

Hopefully both of you will receive good news soon x 

Hey ladies, thank you for your replys, just an update I received the call yesterday to say I've been booked in two days times for a biopsy. 

I'm concerned as it isn't even a week from my  smear, I have found that the more I walk the more I bleed, I dint belive this to be a sign of Cc? So I'm hoping there has been some sort of infection the nurse spotted and this is way ime being rushed (I know unlikely but positive attitude works best for me or I'd worry myself sick) 

Hi I'm a newbie I am also worried I've had some spotting after sex only for a day or two then I would have a bleed but not normal period. I prompt myself to go to the docs and I knew I was overdue a smear test aprrox 8 years just kept putting in the back of mind, had so much going on with kids and partner having two major surgery's. Got my results from smear on Friday 13th saying high grade dyskaryosis I have done nothing but worry about it then Saturday 14th got letter from hospital for colosory on the 19th it all seems quick and can't stop worrying about I'm thinking the worst if anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Love to hear from someone 


Wish I had more of an answer for you, it's a worrying time.

Hope everything works out OK