Biopsy - what happens next?

Hi everyone, 

I am 32 years old and had an abnormal screening in December, with borderline changes, I also tested positive for HPV. I had a colposcopy two days ago and they took 3 biopsies which I found incredibly painful. She told me results would be 4-6 weeks but I'm not really sure what I'm actually waiting for. Could I be told I have cancer? She asked me if I would want general anaesthetic if treatment is needed due to anxiety during the colposcopy which I refused, but I'm not sure what I would need GA for? She said I had cervical ectropion - is that linked to this at all?

She seemed pleased that I didn't smoke and told me "I looked like a sensible girl" so she is sure I will be fine - I know she's talking about sexual partners but in my opinion I haven't been sensible, I was too embarrassed to tell her but what do my sexual partners have to do with this?

Any help greatly appreciated, feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment. 

Thank you xx

Hi hollywinter,


I am in a similar boat, waiting for biopsy. I also found a lack of information at the colposcopy- I wasn’t even told what my smear results were. My GP informed me of that when I asked - and told me High grade and it’s been a complete surpise to me. I am surprised by the nurses comment. I feel that they really should have told you what is the next course of action (if any) at the appointment but I wasn’t told anything either and it’s left me quite upset. I had my colposcopy on Monday. If you do have any further questions, I would definitely phone and ask.. it’s their duty to help and inform us!! I hope you get the answers you need. Take care. x

Hi Embo, sorry to hear that you're going through something similar. I suppose if she had told me too much I probably wouldn't have remembered anyway, but I didn't think to ask what the results could actually include. She said she's sure that it will all be fine and I will just have to have another cervical screening in 12 months, although at the start of the appt she had told me she didn't think I'd need a biopsy but I did so I don't know what to think! 4-6 weeks seems a long time to wait too. I just cried the whole way home.