Biopsy vs colposcopy results


So finally I have my date for my LLETZ, my smear results came back high grade severe dyskaryosis, so I had a punch biopsy and my results 2 weeks later showed CIN 1 & 2. So the question is, could the LLETZ results differ much compared to the punch? 

The symptoms I have are stomach/pelvic pain. I've also found 3 lumps but 2 have disappeared and 1 is like a little stone under the pink skin at the side of the vaginal opening. So ive requested to have a full vulvar examination when I go for my LLETZ. I ended up going to my doctors today because I've been also suffering with extreme itchyness and burning sensation which has drove me crazy to find out that I've got BV! I feel like ever since my smear results have come back, its been back to back with symptoms. 


Hugs x


Hi MissyDee the lletz procedure you are going to have is to remove the abnormal cells altogether hopefully with clear margins the punch biopsy takes just a small ammount for diagnosis. It's always the case that everything comes at once when you are feeling anxious and crappy haha. Good luck with the lletz x

Hi Cherryelm,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry if I didn't make my wording very clear, because I understand what the biopsy and LLETZ do but I was wondering if the LLETZ can show a different result from what I received from the biopsy? What does clear margins mean? Am I right in guessing it means that if it's not a clear margin that they haven't removed it All??

Hugs x