Understanding results

Hi, have been browsing for a few days and thought I would now post for some clarification.

I had an abnormal smear 3 weeks ago, high grade dyskaryosis. Had a colposcopy a week later and punch biopsy. Consultant couldn't do the lletz treatment under local as the cells were quite high up and so was my cervix so will be having this done under general.

Results came back yesterday confirming cin 3. Letter also says "nothing to suggest that these changes are cancerous".

Does this mean they tested the biopsy for cancer and this rules out cervical cancer? It says on letter that during the treatment they remove more cells and send it of for further testing. 

testing for what? I thought the punch biopsy revealed any problems.

Also for those that had a general, how long roughly did you wait for an appointment.

thank you in advance :-)


my understanding is that the biopsy is just a very small area of the cervix where as with the lletz it removes a larger area so this is then tested. With the lletz they also look at whether there are clear margins around the affected area so the drs know they have removed everything and no stray cells remain

Hope this helps 

love anne x

The lletz is treatment and diagnostic my biopsy came back inconclusive and lletz gave me a diagnosis. They look for clear tissue so they can say all has been removed xx

Also I had a general but it was done within 48 hrs xx