Advice please..Punch biopsy shows CIN3

Hi everyone

I had my smear show mild dyskaryosis and HPV+ in september.

In october I had my colposcopy and 2 punch biopsies taken.

My results have shown CIN3 and the letter doesn’t really say what the next steps are. I have a new appointment but it doesn’t say what for. Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar position and what did they do?

Is it likely that i’ll have LLETZ done?

thank you x

Hi there

Yes, I would imagine that the second appointment will be to do a LLETZ. CIN3 is unlikely to clear up on its own, so you will need some treatment, I’m afraid.

good luck and hope it all goes well for you

Thanks for replying. I'm guessing that this gets sent off to pathology again and then more waiting! :(

Yes you are absolutely right - that is tested then more waiting! I had exactly the same results as you at smear and from the biopsy's at my first colposcopy and I am now 2 weeks post LLETZ for cin 3 - Good luck x

L x

Hope it wasn't too painful Lollie. Good luck with your results please let me know how you get on x


ps out of interest dI'd you have any unusual symptoms prior to smear?

I will be honest and I found the local a bit of a shock! But the process itself was absolutely fine and painless x - No, I had absolutely no symptoms at all prior to my smear to indicate anything was wrong so the whole thing has been quite a shock for me. I will certainly let you know how I get on when my results come through. X