LLETZ results

I'm completely new to this forum but was wondering if anyone can help?

I'm two weeks post LLETZ treatment given after punch biopsies showed CIN3 carcinoma in situ. I'm only now starting to think about my lletz result. Is it likely that lletz results will show the same as my biopsy result or is there any possibility of it having developed further? There was a huge difference between my original smear which showed only borderline abnormalities, and the biopsy result. (The smear did however show high risk HPV infection which is why I was sent straight to colp) I'm now worried that there could be a difference between biopsy & lletz result.


I am only just 25 so this all stemmed from my first ever smear. It's a bit alien to me so any help is appreciated!

Hi Hun in more or less at your stage please try to stay positive have you a date yet when u get results just wanted to let you know I read your story and thinking of you even if I have no ad vice to give stay strong Hun good luck n pls let me know how things go xxx