smear, punch biopsy and LLETZ results

Hey ladies, hope everyone is doing ok and not too stressed :)

I'm now at the stage of waiting for my LLETZ results to see whether they removed the whole area (apparently small 1cm) and if the LLETZ results agree with the punch biopsy which stated CIN3, although he said it's very unlikely to show more.

I was just wondering if your punch biopsy results and LLETZ results were generally the same? I have been researching A LOT of medical journals and it seems that around 65% of the time they agree exactly, and around 90% of the time they will agree within one grade, often with the LLETZ downgrading the punch biopsy result. However, I have seen quite a few ladies who have been diagnosed with CC after the LLETZ which is a bit worrying. Obviously I am now really scared my LLETZ will show more, but I am just trying to get my head around how 3 biopsies, 2 of which were taken from the abnormal area (when I went back for my LLETZ the consultant said there was hardly any abnormal cells left as they had been removed in biopsy) could have missed CC, although obviously this is possible.  

My next question (sorry) is that my smear showed moderate changes, and the colposcopist said he could only see CIN2 at my appt, but then the punch biopsy stated CIN3. Is there a spectrum of CIN, by that I mean could my abnormal cells have only recently turned into CIN3?

Thank you in advance for any replies and I'm really sorry for rambling on, and thank you for anybody that feels comfortable to share their own experiences xxx

Hi harri1234, I think we have spoken on here already! Sorry to hear you're feeling so anxious. I don't think it's uncommon for the smear to be different from the biopsy stage - my smear came back as boderline yet the biopsy came back as CIN3. I'm waiting for my LLETZ treatment - 1st Sept. I'm petrified already that the LLETZ is going to show more than the biopsy and I've not even had the treatment yet :-/ I'm suffering awful anxiety and I must admit going researching on the internet is making me feel worse and so much more anxious but I can't help it. Like you say, I think the chances are high that your treatment biopsy will come back the same grade - isn't it more for them to confirm the whole area was removed? I only had one biopsy the area was so small and she did say like you have mentioned that she may have even gotton it all during the punch. I've got a hen do on the Saturday after treatment on the Monday - hope I'm going to be okay, could really be doing with a break from trying to hold it together for my 6 month old and let my hair down! I hope you're ok, thinking of you x

Thanks for replying :) yeah I think it is to see whether it's all gone but you know how we are Im just assuming it's going to be the worst case scenario! I wish id had it all done at the same time now! Still not heard anything tho, I'm private so should hear within 2weeks. I think youll

be ok for the hen party, I still haven't even bled! Xxx

oh that's good to know, I'm hoping I won't bleed too much although I have pretty much been bleeding continuously for 5 months because of a stupid pill (been told not to come off it incase I got pregnant-like I'm even thinking about sex anyway!) I feel the same, wish I could have had everything done at once, defo think it would have helped keep at bay at least a little of rge anxiety xxx