Biopsy guidance?

Hey. I’m 27 and had my smear test a while ago, my results came back HPV Positive and borderline changes. I went for my colposcopy and they said they could see some changes and needed to take biopsy’s. I’ve got to wait 4 weeks for the results and the doctor didn’t really give me any idea of if things looked okay or looked bad, which I know they can’t always do. I’m just worrying myself absolutely sick and I keep getting so overwhelmed, I’m just so scared that I’m going to be told it’s cancer. Has anyone had the same thing as me and know what the potential is of me having cancer? I’m just so scared :frowning:

Hey, sounds similar to me! I had two biopsies taken "one from the top and one from the bottom’ were what the nurse said. She said she reckoned maybe cin 1-2 but then my biopsy came back with no abnormal changes in the end. They can do treatment there and then in the colposcopy appointment though so I really focussed on the fact that since they didn’t - hopefully there wasn’t enough there to need sorting which I hope goes for you as well. The waiting game is horrible, I know. xx

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Thank you so much for your response, it’s made me feel loads better. It’s hard isn’t it because they obviously don’t want you to worry but I wanted to know all the eventualities. Fingers crossed mine is similar to yours. Thanks again and keep safe :heart: Xx