Better than expected

Last Monday I was diagnosed with 1b1. I have used this forum everyday to read and understand what's happening to me since my abnormal smear in July.

I have found the information invaluable.

My MRI has come back with good results and no other spread. I'm relieved and ready for the next step.

I'm having a Radical Hysterectomy Next Thursday which included removal of my ovaries. 

Im taking a very pragmatic approach to my diagnosis and treatment and feel strong and positive.

I'm 36 2 children and a very supportive Employer.

I'm really looking for advice and information about HRT and what to expect regarding the menopause and welcome any advice anyone may have. 

Thank you in advance xxxx

Hi Victoria,

im in exactly the same boat, diagnosed 1b1, plan is radical hyst, with ovaries out, but no date yet as they are queued out! I haven't started googling HRT yet, as I've scared myself enough for now! But I will be interested to know.

Keep in touch let us know how youre getting on, and all the best for next Thursday.

oh, have a look at the hyster sister website. I got some ideas for things to get in from there. possibly just a weird shopping opportunity! 

Love, molly xx

Thanks for replying Molly x Sorry to hear your in the same situation as me. I've been so busy finishing work that I haven't got any further with my investigation about HRT. I'll let you know as soon as I do... I'm in on Wednesday though and due to start it straight away so really do need to get a wiggle on x