Positive outcome

Hi ladies,

Just an update for anyone thats linked in with me or has seen my previous highly anxious posts since my initial diagnosis. I had my meeting with my consultant and team yesterday. I was honestly going in with the worst case scenario in my head. To our shock, the consultant has downgraded my 2a1 diagnosis that was given from the biopsy that was taken at the colposcopy clinic to at least 1a2. I was told they actually performed lletz at that time, i dont know if they told me then, I was also having a cervical ectropian removed so it was all a bit of a whirlwind. He has now said that my scans look good but wants to do a hysterectomy in case of any small rogue cells that arent showing up on the scans. Bonus, he said he will keep my ovaries as with squamous cell cancer, this type isnt linked to the ovaries which means no menopause. Yay! Surgery is scheduled for 16th Feb and they will take some lymph nodes as i did have LVI present in my biopsy. If the nodes are clear, no need for chemo or radiotherapy. Its honestly the best outcome I could have hoped for.

Im hoping for anyone who is a worrier or chatastrophiser, this will give them a bit of reassurance.

Thanks you all for your support. I’ll keep updating with my progress!

Sarah xx


Great news @Sarah1987
So happy for you! Xx

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Thank you @Akj xxx


Wonderful news lovely! Very happy for you xx @Sarah1987

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Thats good new’s xx