Diagnosed at 1b

Hi Lisa, sorry to hear your news. The ladies on here are great and can offer you tonnes of advice and kind words. XXXX 

Hi kazza

thank you so much for your kind reply , I did write a long message but it has seemed to of disappeared , you can tell I'm new on here x

Hi Lisa...  It took me a while to actually figure out how to post..  Just keep trying.. This site is amazing so many brave lovely ladies and we are all in this together...  Don't be afraid to ask any question. There will be someone who can help.. I was diagnosed at beginning of May and this site is my new best friend lol...  Reading other posts help as well. .. Take care.. Virtual hug Xxxx



Hi lulu

thank you for your kind reply . It's reasuring to know we are not alone and going through similar experiences. I was diagnosed on the 10 th may with 1b1 adenocarcinoma after  having a lletz from a abnormal glandular cell Pap smear .10 days later I had a MRI and 3 days later I had good results that it hadn't spread  but it was originally bigger than exspected in my cervical canal staging me at 1b2.A radical hysterectomy was booked for the 12th June, the day we were supposed to go on holiday we was all for cancelling it and my consultant said a few weeks wont make any difference , so I am able to still go on holiday and my op is scheduled on the 27th June , I was told I need to go. back two weeks after the op for results as I may need chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I'm sure it's the waiting that's the hardest part and the fear of not knowing . Have you started treatment yet and how do you feel about coping with it all . Any words of wisdom greatly received. Least this post is bigger than my last one , I hopefully will get the hang of all this x

Sorry to hear your news. Keep coming on here everyone is amazing!

Glad you can go on holiday, hopefully it will be a good change of scenery and a chance to have some time away before your op and recovery. I went away for a few days before my surgery and it was great!

I was also staged at 1b1, happy to answer any questions you may have.

Good luck, sending positive vibes x

hi Rachel 

thank you for your kind words , you don't realise there are so many people in in the same situation as our selfs. Everyone is so kind and caring offering reassurance . My family have been wonderful , but not sure they want me talking about cancer all the time .where on here nobody minds and will surely listen . Thank you all again xx

I've also just been staged at 1b2, they had the MDT on Friday wether it was a hysterectomy or straight to radiotherapy/chemo... personally I want the op, now I've got a weekend of being in limbo to find out what they are going to do 

Hi Lovely Ladies,

I just been Diagnosed with Cc,had the MRI and they said no spread. and now went to see Gynae and he wants me to have PET scan and EUA , and when i ask him what stage he said its 1B base on what they see on mri. I am still nervous and so worried becauase seems like hes not sure what stage it is :-( I am so worried that they might tell me different after the PET scan and EUA or maybe im just being parranoid, Some word of reassurance and advice really appreciated, tnx 


Hi, I too was stage 1b.. the PET scan is to show up any hotspots of cancer, it’s kind of like a warning system, cells that are turning or are cancerous will glow green on the results. i was able to still have an hysterectomy with my results and to be on the safe side my consultant wanted me to do chemo/rads which I finished today!...the journey is long and I remember being exactly where you are but it does fly so fast!! Keep yourself busy and remember... you got this!! Xx

Thanks for sharing your experience, if u dont mind me asking how many session of chemo/rad did u have? I still dont know what kind of treatment my consultant is going to suggest but i think he will suggest a hesterrctomy as well and im hoping that i dont have to do chemo/rad xx