i'm newly diagnosed

Sorry, I'm not very computer literate! I have been reading posts for a few days and it is so lovely to feel that there are other people out there who know how I feel.

Today I saw the consultant who told me I have cc stage 1b/2. He is proposing a radical hysterectomy as my margins are clear. it's scheduled for 11 sept.

My husband Is being lovely and supportive but I feel terrified and a bit numb. We are to go on holiday on 12th but there are risks with the flight. 

I just wanted to say hi because I think this site will be a big help to me in the coming months. 




Hi Karen,I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and this week I have a ct and MRI planned and then see the consultant next week.He told me after the biopsy that it was stage 2.

Im also frightened and my grown up children are being so supportive as are all my friends.Its when Im on my own that the fear creeps in.

We have to be positive Karen and look to the future.Please enjoy your holiday and Im so glad that you have a supportive husband.


take care,Elaine

Thanks Elaine. I hope your scans go OK....I just kept my eyes shut the whole time in the MRI and it was OK. You are right about when you are on your own, I'm trying to keep busy. Let me know how you get on. Karen

hi Karen

so sorry to hear your diagnosis.  but glad to hear that you have a treatment plan and date set.

why are there risks with the flight? i was diagnosed late June and went on holiday in July with no problem.

take care



Hi Karen.
So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. We are all here for you! This site was my absolute savior to me and I hope it and all the amazing ladies on here help you too.

You said you were due to go away the 12th of this month? Did your consultant advise you not too? I’d definately double check with him… The waiting for treatment is hard so if you can go away I really would!

I hope you’re doing ok… I too felt ‘numb’ when diagnosed… it’s great that you have some good support around you. Use them! :slight_smile:

All the best and keep strong - you can do this! :slight_smile:

Emma xx