Hi everyone,

I had my appointment with the specialist this morning. I was nervous as can be. I was ready for results, I wanted to get it over with but of course it'll be one more week to know what I am up against. For the most part I do think I received good news. I was told that the CT/PET scan was good there is no sign of spread. However, he then askwd me about my initial biopsy. He says the scan showed the cancer light up inside my uterus not so much the cervix. He believes there is a glance I was misdiagnosed and it might be endometrial cancer not cervical. He said if it is endometrial we can do hormones for 3 months and that could be all. If it is endometrial and the hormones do not work then my next choice would be a hysterectomy. If it is cervical cancer then a hysterectomy is also the preferred treatment. I have surgery next Wednesday, this should show them which cancer we are dealing with. 

Worda can not describe the feeling I got when he said it had not spread, I felt like I could breathe again after months! The. When he said there could be a chance treatment can be as easy as hormones, wow! I'm over the roof! I dont want to get too excited because we still do not know what we are dealing with and a hysterectomy can still be in the future for me but the fact that this is contained is what makes me happy. I was terrified it spread and surgery would no longer be an option and my ovaries would be damaged with treatment. I now know my ovaries are fine and will stay fine and at the end of the day I think that's what I am the happiest with. 

I want to thank you all for all your amazing support, it has made such a difference. I hope everyone is doing good. And wish everyone the best. 

Oh this is brilliant news! Congratulations!
One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given by someone who's family had had more than their fair share of cancer was "When you get good news, Take it!"
Great big hugs to you :-)
Be lucky :-)

That's great news!! Hope for it to continue for you, fingers crossed!!


Fab news xxx

I am now in the position you were in, waiting on a consultant appointment to find out what on earth is going on down there. But even reading your experience, has made me feel more optimistic! I hope surgery and recovery are swift :)



Thank you all for your words, you all have no idea how much they encourage and help me. 

Right now I am still waiting for results. I had a cold knife cone biopsy as well as a d&c this Wednesday, I was pretty scared, I have never been given anesthesia before and was scared about it. Thankfully surgery went well and although this cramping is pretty strong I'm glad I'll finally get results. 

I know this is a cervical cancer site and may not apply to me anymore but I still feel thankful to have found you all. After my surgery the doctor spoke to my boyfriend, which I found odd when I found out given my mother and sister were there, I guess he thought we were married. i didn't see my doctor after surgery so I didn't know until we were home. At home my boyfriend told me what the doctor said. Apparently, by what he saw, he's pretty sure it's endometrial cancer and not cervical cancer as previously diagnosed. Unfortunately he also said that, once again by what he saw, it looks as if the cancer has buried itself past the lining of my uterus so hormones will probably not be an option and therefore my uterus will have to come out. The doctor said he could be wrong but I'm sure he's seen this before and knows what he's talking about. Its really hard on me but I think in a way I've been preparing myself for this for the last couple of months. 

Everyone keeps asking how I'm doing and i keep telling them I am ok. I think for the most part I am. I'm ready to just get this all over with.

Yesterday I was talking to my cousin and telling her how sad this all makes me. I think she found the word sad to be a little odd for this situation. I told her it makes me sad that I physically felt perfect, when I was able to get everything out of my head I was fine Everything was good and it makes me sad that I have to endure all this physical pain in order to cure something that I don't feel. I guess I feel this way because I was able to get the bleeding to stop for over a week before the surgery and that's always been the only issue Ive ever had with this. Cramps were never a real problem until after I was sent to the ER (Odd). Now, even though I know it's because of the surgery, these cramps are worst I've ever felt them. I'm restricted from basically doing anything fun for at least 4 weeks. And I know it's to get me better but that's the part that makes me sad, I physically feel better when nothing is being done. 

Emotionally, however, is a completely different story. I'be been a wreck! And that's what has been messing with me. Any little ache I felt was quickly blamed on this and now I wonder if the ache ever even really existed or was just in my head. I'm working on controlling my emotions though. I feel I'm getting better at it, I don't cry so much anymore. 

Im supposed to "officially" get my results today and I'm not a complete wreck this time. Hopefully I can keep it up. 

I hope everyone is doing well, and wish everyone the best. 

Hope your results meeting went ok. It's a massive thing to go through so don't be hard on yourself. Hope you are getting lots of support from family/boyfriend. 

Big hugs xxx