Out of the blue cancer diagnosis

Hi. I’ve just been diagnosed with stage 1b1 and am booked for a radical hysterectomy in 2 weeks.
This has come off of a routine smear recall. I’ve never had anything but normal results (I’m 35). So in 3 years have gone from normal to stage one. My head is still spinning to be honest. My GP has ordered a review of my smears in case they missed something. my friends and family have been great, but I don’t think they can get their heads around it either.

Thanks for reading!

Hi, just wanted to wish you well with your surgery. I know it's a terrible shock especially as you've always been all clear but they  are acting on it super quick if you are already booked in for surgery and they have caught it early if you are still at stage 1 which is a small mercy... Will keep everything crossed for you. Good luck 

Sarah xx

Sorry you've had to find yourself here Amilou but you couldn't find a more helpful place. there are so many wonderful helpful ladies here to help you. I was 1b1 too and just had my radical hysterectomy last Thursday. Your head will still be spinning, I know mine is. Big hugs x

Hi. I know how you feel. I was diagnosed with stage 4a within 2 and a half years of clear smears. I'd even been going to the Dr's with problems and despite a scan they didn't find it. 

Being stage 1 gives you great chances of it being clear after your hysterectomy  x x 

Good luck andI hope everything runs smoothly for you x 

Hi Amilou -

sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I can totally understand as my situation is very similar. Routine pap found cancer a month ago and after a cone biobsy a couple weeks ago was diagnosed with 1b1. Also scheduled for a radical hysterectomy in 3 weeks. Good luck to you. I hope surgery goes well for you. 

Hi AmiLou

So sorry to hear what a nasty surprise you have just had. You will likely find that most of the women here were equally surprised to be told they had cancer. You will indeed be reeling right now and very soon all the machinery of scans and tests will be whisking the rug from under your feet and you'll hardly have any time to take it all in.

First of all, STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE! Any questions at all ask them here on this forum and somebody will help you with whatever you need to know. Secondly, this is a very curable cancer. You have been caught early and hopefully the surgery will be an end to it, though of course you will be closely monitored for the next five years.

You may not want to know the outcome of your smear history review because if it does show that abnormalities were missed it won't change your situation in the slightest but it's likely to give you cause to feel resentful and bitter, and that is not a helpful way to feel. Just a thought.

Sending you lots of hugs and hoping you sail through this as most of us do.


Be lucky :-)

Hi amilou 


i have recently been diagnosed with stage 2b cc which was a shock to me as like you smears have always been on time and clear. Sept 2013 I did have a colposcopy and a biopsy because apparently my cervix look inflamed even though smear was ok and I was told I had cervical ectropion apparently colposcopy and biopsy were all clear so to find myself here 2.5 years later after a really healthy pregnancy was a big shock. The consultant did say to me that they would be reviewing my medical history to see if there had been any discrepancies but as tivoli says if there were it doesn't change my situation now and hopefully now can learn from it of their were. My gp who donned me off for Months also gave me an internal examination two weeks before I had a gynocology appointment based on a private ultrasound scan that I paid for and he told me my cervix was normal with no growths. The gynacologist rolled her eyes when I told her this when she had asked if my gp had examined me!!  So whilst I do think my dr could have done a better job at the moment that's not my concern I'm focusing on getting through the treatment and getting myself well.   I start my treatment on Monday I'm in the interlace trial program so will start with 6 weeks of introductory chemo before they start the 25 sessions on radiochemo. 

Hi AmiLou, sorry that you find yourself here but this is a great place for support and first hand information. I was diagnosed a few weeks back, 1b1 following hgsil pap tests and then cone biopsy. Im waiting for my schedule for radical hysterectomy by next week. I actually have my period now and realized after this, no more pads no more tampons! Let's drink to that! ;) Gotta somehow find a way to look at the brighter side...yeah?

Wish you all the best for the coming days, hang in there! Warm hugs xxx




Hehe izzy, 


me me and my sister were having this exact conversation today and we said well the no periods has to be a bonus!!

Thank you so much for the advice and kind words.  It's quite humbling to think that no matter how distressing my situation is, it could always be worse and I am grateful for that at least.  Cup half full and all that!