Bad cramping and bloated 5 days post LLETZ

Hi girls,
Any of you get really bad cramps/bloating?
I had my LLETZ 5 days ago been OK had some cramps early on. Nothing too bad and been fine since. Last night I woke at 5 with horrendous waves of cramping. Like what I would imagine contractions are like. Took painkillers, did nothing. Finally subsided and I got a few hours sleep, then came on again this morning for a few hours. I’ve had no bleeding, no temperature and nothing smells. I rang the out of hours doctor, they said it didn’t sound like infection and recommend I see how I get on with painkillers and ring again Monday morning. The pain has subsided to a dull ache but I am ridiculously swolen.
I had a 20cm ovarian cyst removed two years ago and the pain and swelling is probably worse than that.
Anybody have similar?
Could it be period coming early and fierce?
Its great being a lady sometimes eh?


Hi there,

Yes it is horrible being a woman sometimes lol sorry to hear you going through it. Im in a simular situation.

I had lletz treatment 12 days ago at my colposcopy appointment. I bled for 2 days afterwards, followed by watery discharge (yuck) but i started bleeding again 5 days ago along with cramping like period pains. although it does go with paracetamol. this definately isnt my period as im half way through taking the pill, i phoned the clinic this morning as i know it shouldnt go on for this long and with cramping too they said its very likely that i have an infection. So im waiting on a doctor to call me back now. 

I think if it persists you should speak with your doctor again as you shouldnt need to suffer like this, especially if the pain is that bad :(


Take care xx

oh that's rubbish. Did you hear anything back? I went to GP and she took temp, checked symptoms and said very unlikely to be infection and gave me a sea *swab to take back and told me to ring colposcopy. I did and spoke to consultant, she also said it was unlikely to be an infection. Like you I am halfway through pill pack and she said it was most likely period pain as LLETZ can make you have it early. I have often had periods with the pain but no blood, so it could be true. I will keep my eye on it and see what the swab says.

hope you get sorted soon. Let me know what they said.


Well that's good that they don't think it's an infection, on top of everything else the last thing you want is to be in a course of antibiotics.

Ive not long spoken to my gp who wanted to see me and have a "look" at the treated area but she said from what I've told her it doesn't sound like an infection. Although they say 10 days, it can last a few weeks...great! Lol but if the bleeding increases or the pain is serevere then i definitely need to go in.

so back to the "waiting game" now for my biopsy results. Did you have a biopsy done too? Or did you just need the LLTEZ?

Hope you start to feel better soon xxx 

I know, I really didn't fancy antibiotics giving me thrush on top of waddling around with what feels like a barbed wire anvil in my tum!

Good to hear it's unlikely for you two.

the waiting is the worst. The concsultant said the LLETZ was the biopsy as such and they would rwrute (write, sorry phone playing up) to me within 4-6 weeks. I'm only on day 5 and it's killing me.

Just thinking about my holiday and hoping and hoping I can go. Shallows I know but it's something to look forward too.

I guess because my mum had late stage CC when they found it and has been all clear for 30 years, I am getting by in the knowledge that even if it's bad news, it might not be as bad as possible.

hope you are looking after yourself, treating yourself and feeling positive. Let me know how you get on!

All the best! Xx

Yeah there is so much they can do to help now so its definatly not the end of the world...its the not knowing. Even if its bad news id rather know so i can deal with it!

I really hope you dont have to wait too long either and we both get good news soon :)

Take care and yeah ill keep you posted hun xx