LLETZ aftershock

Hi everyone

I had LLETZ just under 3 weeks ago, results came back CIN3, all removed. I have been feeling okish, bit tired, bit sore, but just now I got the mother of pains. I just wondered if anyone else had this?

Still lightly drizzling, no fever or other concerns but these spasms literally took my breath away. Lasted a couple of minutes and felt like they were coming from cervix area and also in my bowel. Man it hurt! Have taken some strong painkillers in case they come back. I have a little bit superwomaned it today catching up on all the household stuff I have let go for weeks and weeks, did I just do too much?

Would be grateful to hear this is ok/ normal after all this time.



Hi Suzy!

well discharge seems to have stopped with me now, I just had my period too which seemed to be a bit heavier than normal and I also had period pains which I don't usually get.

last 2 days I have done a bit more like you  catching up on housework etc and was thinking about returning to the gym but today I've had some pain in that area and I've also been really bloated the last 2 days! Been drinking pepperminto tea which has helped! Maybe we just need to ease back into things slower! Hope you feel better soon! 

Has anyone else had bloating after LLetz? I had it 3 weeks ago. Only minimal bleeding/discharge which stopped after 2 weeks,then slightly heavier than normal period, was really achy and tired for first few days but then fine but now really bloated! :( xx

Hey suzy,

Hope you are ok. Sounds like you may have been over doing it as you felt well enough but you are still healing? Take it easy xx

Thanks guys. Had a few more pangs last night but feeling ok again today :-)



Hi Suzy, just seen your post, hope you're ok?  I'm having the same but my period is due/starting - the hospital warned me it would be a lot worse than usual but I never expected it to be quite this bad! I've been reduced to a heap on the floor a few times last night with the pain, it completely takes my breath away.  I didn't sleep at all last night  and am fully dosed up on codeine - that's not even taking the edge off :(  Hoping it'll ease over the next few days, I've never had period pain like it.

Sending hugs


Oh no. Just saw this. The pains are breathtaking when they come. Mine seem to have sunsided thankfully so hopefully it won't last too long. I had some naproxen from the GP as I had similar pains after my smear for a few days and this seemed to help a lot. I think its like ibuprofen but stronger, I think you have to get it on prescription.

I wimped out and have now run my 4th pack of pills together as couldn't face the thought of more bleeding and cramps right now. 

Hope you feel much better soon