Cramps after lletz treatment! Reasurance needed!

Hi, I've read some pretty amazing stories by all of you in the forums, but now I'm in need of some help myself. I had my lletz treatment 5 days ago and everything was all well and good up until this evening. I started getting period like cramps in my lower abdomen and although I can grin and bare it I need some reassurance that this is normal. The bleeding has slowed down and it's just a watery light red substance however the smell is somewhat like burnt rubber (sorry for the grossness) should I be worried at this point? I'm afraid I've gone and caught and infection. Please help. Natalie

I had LLETZ done a week today and was fine for the first couple of days, then i woke up with mild cramps & feeling all round quite ill. I also had some discharge which was quite strong smelling, been to my doctor's this morning, he had a feel around my tummy, took my temperature & confirmed i have an infection. Ben given a weeks course of antibiotics & hopefully it should clear. Give the colposcopy clinic a ring, they'll put your mind at ease & tell you what to do xx

Had treatment for CIN 2 and 3 three weeks today, not due my period for another week or so but today started getting terrible cramps, possibly worse than the usual ones I get prior to my period starting. They're quite painful and it came on quite suddenly. I'm also still getting discharge and this is a yellowy colour- has anyone else experienced this? I assume it's normal? The period starting early may also be caused by stress as last week was horrible!