after lletz

Hi all I had my colposcopy and lletz 10 days ago following a high grade dyskaryosis smear result. I'm now experiencing period type pains and dark red bleeding and a sort of stinging pain after going for a wee (sorry tmi) was just wandering if this is normal part of healing as theres not much info on the letter I was sent home with. Thanks for any replies xx



i had Lletz 16 days ago and experienced no pain or discomfort at all apart from period like pains the day of the treatment. If I were you I would call the GP tomorrow incase you have an infection - if you do I was told antiobiotics would clear it :) hope this helps but I would defo go and check your symptoms with a doctor.

Hey thanks for your reply. I'm going to go tomorrow it's got a bit worse x

How did you get on? I'm bleeding really heavily but assuming it's just a period would be interested to know what the GP said?

hope all is OK for you

Hiya, i've been given some antibiotics and if it's not sorted by monday will have to do some swabs. I'm starting to feel bettrr already!  As I'm on the depo injection I don't have periods so am not sure how to tell but if you are worried I'd give your gp a ring just to make sure. Let me know how you get on xx