Awaiting results

I am waiting for my diagnosis. Is it possible to feel that you have cancer? My symptoms first began in Feb, but more severely in July. Bleeding and spotting, but not after sex. No infections as had all the tests. Back and hip pain sometimes going into foot. Pelvic cramps, no period, last one was four months ago im not sure why it has stopped?! More recently an odd discharge, which did go an old bloody colour to clear. Bleeding with BM which started last thursday. I have night sweats and nausea on and off. No appetite and very lethargic. I have discomfort in my chest, which makes me think it has spread to my lungs. Is it possible to mastise in 9 months to stage 4? I had clear smears 2010 and 2013 and not due another til next nov. My cervix looked healthy so could something be higher up in endocervical canal? Will the punch biopsies pick this up? I am 30 so been told womb cancer is highly unlikely. Did anyone know they had advanced cancer before results?

Thanks x

Hi Unbongo (I loved that advert!!)

im sorry I can't really answer your questions but wanted to let you know I'm here if you needed a chat. I can see its bemen a while since you posted but I'm in a slightly similar situation waiting for results so can very slightly understand how you feel. Have you heard anything back yet?