Waiting for smear results


i feel quite nervous posting as I haven't had a diagnosis and Im worried it's insensitive too those who have. I just need to speak to people who may have experienced the same as me.

I am 24, for years I have suffered with unexplained pelvic pain and bleeding after sex. This was always brushed off by GPs and never investigated.

i now have a 2 year old and an 8 month old, for the last 3 months I have started to feel incresingly unwell. 

i have lost over 10lb, without any lifestyle changes within the last 2 months, my pre children clothes are now too baggy.

i have constant pelvic and back pain - which has now spread to my legs, it is so uncomfortable I am struggling to sleep.

constantly debilitating fatigue - no matter how much rest or sleep I get. 

Extremely heavy watery discharge. 

I just feel really unwell, I've had blood tests done which have elimitinated things such as thyriod issues. But I have this nagging feeling something is seriously not right. 

I had my smear test 2 weeks ago, and there's an average of a 7 week wait currently for results. My mother has always had pre cancerous cells removed after smears, and she has told me she had a couple of the symptoms I did beforehand.

im just scared, Im almost expecting bad results and the wait is destroying me. In the meantime I have no idea what to do to help my symptoms - as they are becoming so terrible it's a struggle to care for my young children.


thank you for reading x 




Hi I am sorry to hear what you have been and going through and you are not being insensitive.  I was diagnosed in October last year with early stages cervical cancer and it has helped me to talk to people on here even though we have all been through different things.  I have had the all clear after having a full hysterectomy but am hvaing to go back into hospital soon to have some scarring quaterised.  I was very scarred and I found it helpful to talk to my partner who has been very supportive, even if you think you are going on about it, you need to talk.  I found myself getting so emotional, and I did and do struggle the odd day but us women are strong and we all have each other on here.  I would wind myself up before I got any results and now have the attitude it is what it is, and until I hear there is nothing I can do about it, but even then I find myself worrying, its natural.  I do hope you hear soon.  Hugs xx