Were anyone's cc symptoms night sweats, feeling worse in a morning/ tired, as though no amount of sleep is enough. Also lower back and hip pain? :-(

I had night sweats, heavy bleeding and stomach cramps but no back or hip pains.

if you have the symptoms you describe make an an appointment with your GP.

It may be nothing sinister but you will not know until you have been checked properly. 

When was your last smear test?




Thanks Naz. Last smear nearly 2 years ago. Cervix look fine I've had punch biopsies. I read that back pain/hip leg etc is an advanced symptom, yet if my punch biopsies at colp were clear then im confused. I haven't bled for a month, but between end of July and now I've spotted on and off for 7 out of 12 weeks, some dischargey.  The night sweats come and go. Treated for erosion due to spotting, not after sex, never heavy. Had cramps for 2 weeks but no period for 3 months just the ongoing feeling of a period coming.

 Is it possible to just feel you have cancer? We all know our own bodies don't we x

Hi Eilatan, 

im sorry you're experiencing these symptoms. I think there can be more than one reason to be suffering with them (other than cancer). The colposcopy & biopsy are very detailed and if the smear and colposcopy didn't pick anything up then a biopsy definitely would. When did you have the colposcop? Have you been back to your gp? if you do feel you want to be examined again then have you considered going private?

I agree with Sam , there could be so many reasons for your symptoms but I also agree with you That we know our body and sometimes we just can tell when something is not right.

in my case, from the moment I made the appointment  I knew it was cancer and I knew it was time that I did something about it as I just wanted to get rid of it! 

i do I do not want to panic you obviously but if you feel something is not right just go and see your GP and mention all the symptoms and do tell them you are worried And you want to be examined.

A good GP will listen to you and act!

Dont let them tell you to wait for the next smear test, request one Asap. If you have to go private go private and keep in mind that you can get back into the NHS system if required.

Don't Google too much as you will make yourself sick!

Mine was advanced and I had no back or hip problems. Whilst having treatment I met someone whose only symptom was a hip pain that would not go away and she also was a 2b.

i hope and pray that your symptoms are just about something else but if it was cervical cancer, look at me, 5 years later, cancer free and fighting fit!


Dont Google, if you need us we are only one click away.


big hugs,





Hi Sharper, my colp was in Sept. Symptoms prior to colp began in July,  but spotting put down to erosion and back ache dismissed as a muscular problem (back ache and erosions not linked). Naz, with the type of cervical cancer you had, how was it detected? Im so pleased to hear you are fighting fit 5 years on. I know this sounds ridiculous and excessive but my behaviour and change in personality in recent weeks has been noticed a lot, esp with my family and putting my gyno cancer symptoms to one side, I'm convinced it's travelled to my brain. Doctors have put my symptoms down to anxiety and tried to prescribe meds and have suggested i speak to someone. Im just mindful of my symptoms, tired, wanting to lie down a lot, nauseas, night sweats, groggy mornings, irritability

 Thankfully bleeding has stopped, i had some funny discharge (consultant said it wasn't abnormal and looked like old blood) it didn't smell. I'm considering a private self pay full body mri for some closure to save all the waiting and worry and doc wants me to try physio first for my back trouble x

Hi Eliatan,

Sorry you are trapped in this horrible feeling. I agree our bodies are really good at pointing to something being not quite right, but it doesnt have to necessarily lead to cancer. Several of my friends seem to have had MRI's for persistent back pain. You could probably request one on the grounds of ongoing severe back pain, it obviously needs looking at, whatever the root cause. From the biopsies it sounds unlikely to be cc but needs addressing to get you back to feeling well again, trying to put this as diplomatically as possible but the personality changes are perhaps from the stress your health anxieties are causing you (not saying the anxiety is not justified but that it can be a bit overwhelming and tiredness/panic/irritability can all be a part of that) x x

blood test CA125 was abnormal, smear test  confirmed this but these were just done to confirm diagnosis as the cancer was already advanced it could be seen when I was examined by the gynae! The MRi of the pelvis then gave an accurate diagnosis and first staging.

because you are worried, your mood will be affected and I agree with the others, if you have lower back pains you could get referred for an mri.

feeling groggy, tired etc...could be down to you worrying Or any other issues such as food intolerance, it dioes not have to be cancer related.

i would go back to the GP and say no to the tablets but ask mention the hip and lower back pain again and ask if you can have it scanned.

mention the grogginess, tiredness, nausea as well to the GP and they may do some blood tests.

Get on the phone first thing tomorrow morning. You need to put your mind at rest.

i am sure it will be nothing to worry about but at least you can move on.

ket us know!


big hugs,