Just like to hear others storys..

Im just intrested to know what all your symptoms were and what you were diagnosed with? I have my first smear test on monday (tomorrow) and am worried. I have period type pains and lower back pain .

Hi Stacey,

There was another thread around about a month ago asking us what our symptoms were, if you can find that you may find it very helpful, but in a nutshell, most of us who have had an actual cancer diagnosis have had spurious bleeding episodes. Try not to worry yourself until your smear results come through, eaasier said than done I know but you don't sound very cancerous to me ;-)

Be lucky ;-)



Hi tivoli :-) . Ive had a look through the posts but cant find it :-( . Im 27 with 4 children last child born 9 months ago. 2 months after birth i had the depo jab and bled constantly for the 12 weeks not heavy . Then bled on and off till jan/feb and then went on the combined pill micronon it stopped the bleeding but i stupidly forgot a pill 1 day and the day after i was bleeding again. So i carried on the pill but it didnt stop so i then stopped taking it and within a few days the bleeding had stopped totally. Ive now not bled for nearly a month which has been great after months of bleeding on and off . Im just very concerned of the tummyaches and lower back pain ive been having and the groin and leg pain as i stupidly googled and it came up with advanced cervical cancer!!! Your message did reassure me though so thank you xx

Hi and welcome, I would definitely recommend not Googling there should be a ban on it lol in these types of situations. My symptoms were bleeding, periods changed, leg pain and back pain. Now looking back it wasn't an ache in my legs I had episodes of being in agony with it especially at night, I also had night sweats. Anyway your best not to read into these things as not all the symptoms mean cancer and some women have no symptoms. 

Charlene x

Hi charlene google is terrible and i hate googling!! But its one of those things that are very hard to stop especially when you suffer health anxiety i have diagnoased my self with a DVT , a brain tumour , an impending stroke , a heart failure , mouth and lung cancer! But this time feels different and i dont know why. Its as if my body is telling me something. Im petrified for the smear test tomorrow im an absloute wreck!!! I just have this feeling that its going to be terminal cancer . I just cant relax or sit still , havent slept properly in 2 days. I feel like a terrible mother as im very snappy and keep bursring into tears infront of my children. If u dont mind me asking did u have pre cancerous cells or was it actually cervical cancer? xx


I just came across this sight and wanted to ask something. Since november last year i have had painful periods with very heavy bleeding inbetween my cycles. Basically i would bleed all my cycle, be off for a week or 2 then start bleeding heavily again. Plus i was having pain during sex and have lost weight. I have just had a smear test, and my fbc is back in less than 24hours. I am so worried, please can someone advise me