Consultant found a lump

Hi all, I'm new here so firstly thank you for any replies I get! 

OK so I don't have periods and don't bleed as I had my womb lining removed a year and a half ago, but, 2 weeks ago I bled heavily during sex, nothing before and nothing after, I had awful stomach pain and also back pain since, my doctor referred me to gynecology oncology after having a look inside and seeing evidence of the bleed. Today was my appointment, the consultant took a look inside and said he spotted "an abnormality" on the neck of my womb, he took 3 punch biopsy samples but said nothing other than "it's probably nothing sinister" has anyone else had this? I'm petrified. 

Hey and welcome but so sorry you are here because you are scared. The subject is consultant found a lump? Did he actually feel something abnormal or just see something abnormal? Unfortunately there is really no way to know until you get those biopsy results. I had biopsy’s that came back inconclusive and then had to have a more details biopsy for them to be sure. 

Charlene xx

Yes. There are many women here who had those symptoms and it was cancer. There are also plenty who visited here where it wasn't, most of whom have gone back to their normal lives!  Only time will tell.  All you can do is wait for those biopsy results.  They don't take long. We are all here for you if the news is bad, but even if it is, you are far more likely to be cured than not, so the fact that it is caught is good in itself. Hoping for good news for you though!



Waiting for results is often the worst time because you can only think the worst is about to happen. Your results may come back as favourable but if they don't the support you will get from 'your team' and the ladies on this forum will get you through and out the other end. I could not have done without them. Thinking about you xx

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