Awaiting radical hysterectomy

Hi all,

Apologies, I'm sure this has been discussed so many times already. I'm having a radical hysterectomy on Tuesday and the nerves are really starting to kick in. I'm 32 with no kids and I'm feeling really sad about the whole situation. I'm also worried about the vaginal shortening and the affect it will have on me in the future. Any advice is most welcome.

Thanks in advance x


Nov 17 - clear smear

June 18 - referred to gynae for abnormal discharge 

July 18 - colposcopy

Aug 18 - diagnosed with stage 1b1 cc

Nov 18 - cone biopsy and sentinel lymph node removal, more cancer found in cervix 

Awaiting RH, leaving ovaries 

Hi I'm 31 and diagosed 1b1 squamous cell,clear smear in june referred to garner for bleed during sex,referred colposcopy Nov,biopsys showed cin 3 and squamous cell. I've just had radical hysterectomy 5 days ago including tubes ,lymph nodes,vaginal wall etc like you and no ovaries removed.I had keyhole surgery which was around 4 hrs, 2 night hospital stay. Like you I was scared as its a major operation,felt relief when I was in recovery. Now home but the trapped wind pain which is in shoulders is worse than any other after pains and the constipation is uncomfortable. I came home with catheter  got to go bk Tuesday for twoc which will be 7 days post op. I get pathology results on 14th Feb if not sooner.Like you we are in same position and it's frightening. How long did they leave you between staging and op? My staying results were 13th dec and op 22nd Jan.grade 3 cells. 

Hi dd7 I’m 3 weeks post robotic radical hysterectomy. Had two children which late at 36 and 39 and due to 3 lletz and biopsy to the cervix had progesterone in both pregnancies but had to really push for it after 16 years of abnormal smears.  The first week was sore but manageable the catheter annoyed me but did me a favour I dint need to move. The long socks and injections are a pain.  The wind in my shoulders was hell for a few days.  But all In all if they removed the cc I will take it. Xxx 

I’m due to have my radical hysterectomy on Valentine’s Day (someone’s having a laugh there) I’m 29 and have the same worries as you about vaginal shortening. My cancer nurse told me that unless my partner is extremely well endowed then it’s not going to be noticeable for either person. I was told they were going to take 1-2cm from the top of mine but I think it can vary between each case. 

I was diagnosed on 12th of December. It seems like a long wait but I’ve had so many scans to rule out things other scans have showed. I’ve been staged as a 1b with a 4cm tumour. How about you?

hope everything went ok with your surgery. How did you find it?

Hi im nearly 2 weeks post op now. Keyhole surgery,still waiting pathology results. I came home with catheter and still have it.had it out day 7 then had to get ambulance bk in next day as I was weeing blood and retained aroundc1.5 litres of urine,also found out I have a uti infection,came home Wednesday with catheter again and antibiotics.2nd twoc failed Saturday as could only manage to pee around 100ml,now waiting 3rd date for twoc.I had clear smear in june,bleed during sex in August,referred to gynae in Sep(he told me it was just ectropian cervix so referted me for colposcopy). Colposcopy nov 13th showed white area,(biopsys taken).Results 26th Nov squamous cell and cin3. Lletz 2nd dec,results 13th dec(1b1) ct and mri 19th Dec showed no spread.hysterectomy including lymph nodes 22nd Jan. It's been a horrible,everything has happened at once and i seem to find out more in detail from my own go than my consultant. Consultant told me 1b1 but I didn't realise the grade of the cells Are grade 3!!! My doc had notes on screen and thsts how I found out.Been worried ever since as if it wasn't showing in June is this really fast growing as tumour was removed onnlletz but 5mm area still showing on scans and worried between 19th Dec and 22nd Jan it could of spread as been having left side groin/thigh/knee aches and pains on and Off since end of Dec. I just get told it's prob muscle related. 

Hi Sharon I just sent a message to you replying to anothe message in another thread. You’ve pretty much answered my question in this reply actually

That sounds awful with the catheter hope everything goes ok with the next time they try you without it. And it’s bad they haven’t given you a lot of information about what’s going on. 

The hospital I was diagnosed at was excellent with communication and my nurse there couldn’t do enough for me, she came to see me at all my scans. But I’ve been transferred to a special women’s hospital since then and it’s a lot bigger and I don’t feel as in the loop as I did before. I’ve tried to ask as many questions to my new nurse as possible. 

Hopefully you get your pathology results soon and they are all clear and you can get on with your life :) Hopefully I will be joining you in that soon as well. 

Alice. X

Hi all, apologies for later reply! So I had my RH last Tuesday and honestly, I'm feeling good! It wasn't as bad as I'd imagined. I had it done abdominally and got my pico dressing removed yesterday.

My scar is so neat and tidy. Every day the pain is easing and my mobility is improving. I'm only taking two painkillers a day the past 2 days. I was in hospital for 3 nights. I've been out of the house in the car (not driving) three times.

Obviously everyone is different but sometimes the waiting pre-op is the worst part.

Apart from numbness in my left thigh and stomach, I'm honestly doing very good x

That’s so good to hear! Glad everything went well. It’s good to hear about the scar as I’m having a big cut as well, very reassuring. 

My main worry is being in pain after so you’ve eased my mind with that as well. 

Wishing you a speedy recovery! 

Alice X