Radical hysterectomy tomorrow and so many questions

Hello all you lovely ladies Laughing.

I was diagnosed with 1b1 cc in march. I have took it on the chin and tried to carry on as normal and kept myself happy and positive...up until today.

I wobbled last night and now I have so many questions running through my head about the op tomorrow.

I am due to have a rh with some lymph nodes removed, looking back I think I have been ignoring this and its all come tumbling down on me at once,

Can anybody give me some detailed advice on the procedure, all the nitty gritty, how long I am likely to be in hospital for?

How long until I get the results from my lymph nodes back,,,so scared and feel like running away  xx















hello tracie. i was diagnosed with stage 1b and had to have rh with lymph glands removed.i was petrified. i had the op and was in hospital 5 days. i had to go back to the hospital after 4weeks for the results of lymph glands.luckily my cancer wasnt in them. i have been clear now 2yr in june with 4monthly check ups.my recovery after the op was the hardest thing. it took 7 weeks for the wound to heal due to infection. the waiting for the results is the worst but try to remain positive. you will have bad days but my thought process is you rule the cancer dont let it rule you. will be thinking about you tomorrow and hope everything goes ok which im sure it will. xxx

Hi Tracie,

I had mine on 19 March through an open incision. I was in for 6 days, originally it was supposed to be 3-4 but I had an epidural which numbed a keg so I couldn’t get moving as quickly as normal. I’m now 5 weeks post op and feeling loads better. Is yours key hole or open?

Ay questions please ask, or take a look at my post about the op too as I asked millions of questions and everyone was so helpful.

Normally it’s 2 week wait for results but I had to wait 3 because of Easter. To be honest I’d have struggled to leave the house at 2 weeks!

Best of luck with the op, it’s really successful for early stage CC.


Hello Tracie my love.  I am post op from R/H 5 weeks and it has not been easy.  I had 1b1 and opted for my ovaries to be removed to be safe.  All my scans came back negative and my nodes were all negative (only had to wait 1 week 2 days for the results).  I did not do any research about the op as my consultant advised against it (I'm a computer freak!) so as not to frighten myself.  I wish I had as I was not prepared for what a big op it was.  I have heard only good stories from stage 1b1 so I am sure you will be fine, don't worry about waiting for the node results, positive thoughts bring positive things :)!  My advice is to take some peppermint tea bags in with you, my gas was the worst thing about the op, truly awful pain from the wind.  The cancer team were absolutely fantastic but the after care in the ward was abysmal.  Don't be afraid to ring your bell if they forget you, they are busy but you are important too, request ear plugs as someone will always be snoring and even if you don't want to, walk about as much and as quickly as you can as it will assist your recovery.  Take care and let us know how you get on, sending you prayers and love :)  Jo xx

Thank you so much everybody for your kind words and adviceLaughing. although i think i may be the problem snorer on the wardEmbarassed.  My consultant says he thinks that i will only have to stay in for 2 days, so thats a bonus. (for the other patients) hehe.  I have heard that the gas is a problem for a lot of other women, so i will certainly be taking peppermint tea. I know I should count my blessings that it has been caught early enough and stage 1b1 is something to be positive about, so i will take that omboard when im feeling sorry for myself.

I wish all the lovely ladies from our club all the very very best in whatever stage they are at,  xxxlove to you all xxx