Radical Hysterectomy

Hi ladies. Looking for a little reassurance now.  Been told that following my Lletz treatment there are still abnormal cells (CGIN) there and that a small patch of cancerous cells were found in the biopsy but with clear margins.  My consultant has said that the best thing is for me to have a hysterectomy as I am not intending having a family but he is going to leave the ovaries so I don't go through the change.  All this has happened within the space of about 7 weeks.  I don't mind the hysterectomy bit but am worried about the cancer involved.  They have said the biopsy showed state 1a1.  I have never been in hospital for anything in my life and am completely stressing out over it.  Worried about everything from being admitted to coping with the recovery afterwards.  I am 36 and stressed.  Can anyone offer any words of wisdom?

Hi there,

It is so, so scary and I’ll admit that 7 months post op I still have wobbly days!

If there is anything specific you want to know, please feel free to ask either on here or by pm’ing me.

I think recovery is generally down to the individual, some react better than others. You will feel very tired and a bit tender. I was amazed as I anticipated being in lots of pain but was fairly comfortable. It also depends on the way they do it, if you are cut open or have it laparoscopically- I had it done via the latter so had to have a catheter in for the first week at home.

You will need help at home for the first few weeks and other than going for walks to build up your strength, you will need to rest.

The cancer bit- they have caught it early and will be keeping a close eye on you for 5 years. It’s pointless me saying don’t worry, because we all do!

You will find lots of support on here, and you will get through this. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and seems never ending.

Jade xx

Hi Mymyggie

It's not as bad as you think, it's fear of the unknown that scares you more than anything, i had a radical hysterectomy but in 2 operations, they didn't no about my cancer when i had a total hysterectomy in Nov 2013, mine was stage 1B1, then 7 weeks later had to have another operation to remove fatty tissue where cervix was, lympgh nodes and vaginal cuff, all this would have been done in one operation had they known about cancer, i had stage 1A cervical cancer in 2008, been on yearly smears since, had colposcopy in May 2013, all my results were clear, my cancer has went un-diagnosed for 5yr...here if you want to know anything hunnie xx