Atypical Glandular Cells + symptoms + lesions, please help

Ok, I know this is going to be a long post so I apologize beforehand, but would deff appreciate your time and help. Last month, a couple days before my 33rd birthday I started feeling as though I had a UTI. I took 3 days of antibiotics, without any relief. A week later I was in so much pain (pelvic, left lower back, frequent urination) that I could not have sex, or wear a tampon. I went to my doc who tested my urine and said I didn't have a UTI. Well I hadn't had a pap in 5 years, and she said my symptoms sounded like PID. I'm married, had not been unfaithful so this seemed unlikely to me. So she did a pap, and hpv test, and treated me for PID with out the results. I still had 0 relief. A few days later she contacted me and told me I had no STD, was negative for HPV, but that my pap showed atypical glandular cells. She couldn't really explain this to me but sent me for a colposcopy, cervical biopsy, endometrial biopsy and transvaginal ultrasound. The ultrasound didn't show anything. I was and still am in nearly constant discomfort/pain. At the biopsy the doc (not my usual but the only gyno who could squeeze me in within 2 months)said she saw several lesions but they all looked relatively low grade. Im still waiting on the biopsy results. I contacted my actual gyno to find out about next steps, and she said if my lesions were low grade I'd simply have a repeat pap in 1 year. Nothing else. She knows about my symptoms, my AGC, but said its nothing to worry about. I've googled AGC and it seems to me that AGC + symptoms + lesions would indicate some sort of treatment, but then again I've never been through this, and the info out there is pretty limited. I'm going to travel 3 hours this week to see a gyno oncologist, and hopefully will have biopsy results back, but maybe I'm over reacting? Does anyone have any experience with AGC? What AGC and lesions even indicate, or are they two separate concerns...plys having an HPV negative reading just confuses me anymore. I should note I also have had really really clotty heavy periods, and funky discharge. I'm sorry for the rant but please help.

Hi I hope you are okay and everything turns out well. While i have not had experience with lesions myself i have had the same result as you .. the glandular cells and had to be brought in for colposcopy where they took samples .. I was left waiting on my results for 3 months because the smear that was done at the colposcopy was normal so they had to request the original one to be sent back then wanted to go through all my past results and in the end was told that my smear that had been graded as glandular changes was actually normal. I had my head wrecked reading up about those type of cells and had myself convinced there must be something wrong and there wasnt so dont think that those results are necessarily bad because its not .. a friend of mine was the same and she had to get womb sampling done as well and everything turned out fine for her, nothing was found so please try not worry too much, theres not a lot of info online about those particular cell changes because its less common but it is treated in the same way and those cells like squamous cells can go through all sorts of changes that are perfectly normal :) the fact you are hpv negative is also very good as the majority of cervical cancers are caused by certain strains of hpv so do take comfort in the fact yours is negative x

Hi there, I myself have been suffering from pain, burning and odor only around my period.  had cultures galore and all negative. Now have the results of abnormal glandular cells. So had 3 biopsies and all negative for cancer. What are some outcomes you have had?

I have the same thing but will bhave colposcopy and biopsies this Thursday. Both cervical and uterine. Agc...hpv negative. I am so scared I have cancer. My last pap showed job negative and they sent me away and I followed up in 3 years per their guidelines. I was actually a little ahead of schedule. 2 and a half years since my last pap.