Atypical glandular cells AND hpv positive

I just had a daughter end of September. I just had a Pap smear last week and it came back hpv positive with atypical glandular cells. I have a biopsy scheduled Friday. Everything google has to say about agc is horrible. I’m scared I’ll need a hysterectomy which I’m only 30 and would love more children. Idk how this happened. I did have abnormal paps in the past but the last 6 years and 6 paps have been completely normal. Anyone else have agc AND hpv positive? Also what was your experience and outcome? I am sick to my stomach to the point that it’s affecting my job, and just life in general. I spend hrs searching for answers and I just can’t help it at this point


How did everything end up with your diagnosis?
Hope to hear a great outcome🤍