AGC in a 24 year old HPV negative

I am a 24 year old (25 next month) virgin who is HPV negative with an AGC pap smear result. I am scheduled for a colposcopy next week and terrified. This seems so rare for someone of my age and sexual status. I can only think that I have something rare and aggressive because of not having HPV.

I have no friends my age (or any age) who have had this result. I am afraid I have some genetic mutation that would cause me to get cancer at my age with no HPV or anything. I’m so afraid I am going to die. Please talk me off a ledge. How many 24 year old virgins get AGC results and, more importantly, cervical cancer? What else could this possibly be given all the other stuff was ruled out like HPV and infections?

Thank you!

Hi. I’m really not much help, but after my hpv result, no abnormal cells, I’ve been talking to lots of women, and wld seen abnormal cell results are soooo common. No one that I ask mentions hpv with these results. My 27yr old hairdresser had this without hpv few yrs ago. No definately answers as to why, only that she found out she had hormone imbalance + intolerance to gluten. After 6mnth monitoring her cells returned to normal on their own xx

Thank you, that’s reassuring. Were the abnormal cells glandular (AGC)? That is the part that is worrisome; it seems almost unheard of in my age group which scares me.

I wouldn’t know what that even means, I’m so new to my own diagnosis. Just so many people, young, old have abnormal cells etc, I don’t go into specifics, older ladies also know so many women in their life times, they tell me its really not a worry so long as you don’t miss smears. it all seems so common. The 27yr old had cn1 I think, had a colposcopy then observed at every 6 months.They didn’t want to do lletz as she was so young, - and didn’t need to. Sorry I can’t help you more x

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Thank you. Sounds like your friend had one of the more common abnormal pap results. Mine is rare. So far I can’t find anyone in my age group who had this so I am worried.

I’m glad your friend is okay, that’s the important thing. :slight_smile:

Hi Sam, I hope you are well. Im 22 and just got the same results (HPV negative, AGC cells). I have yet to receive any more information on my situation, and I am scared as well, because it seems very rare for my age. I’m wondering if you have any updates on your situation, or advice on what happens next? Wishing you the best.

How are you? I have the same result…