I'm so confused please help- atypical glandular cells, and lesions

Ok, I've never been in a forum, or posted in a group like this, bare with me. I'm 33 years old and in early July I felt like I had a UTI. I took antibiotics with no change. Pelvic pain, lower left back pain, frequent urination. I felt like I did when I was 19 weeks preggo and had a UTI that put me into labor. I have had a tubal so I knew I wasn't pregnant. I went into my doc, and she checked my urine, said no UTI, so we did a pap. It was so painful that she treated me for PID right there. When results of pap came back It showed no std no pid no HPV, but it did show atypical glandular cells. My doc ordered a transvaginal ultrasound, coloscopy, cervical and endometrial biopsy. Pain was and is still there. The ultrasound showed nothing significant. Today was the colpo and biopsies...ouch! During the coloscopy the doc said she could see several lesions, lots of white spots, but they looked low grade. The endo biopsy was the worst and those have to go to the lab, so the waiting game starts again. I have read that atypical glandular cells are rare, and that they usually come from higher up and not the cervix, and they are either bad or nothing (this adds to my fear and confusion). So my question is, why would I have lesions on my cervix, and what does that even mean? The doc only took one endo biopsy, but I read glandular cells are tricky and cause skip lesions, so should I be concerned something could have been missed? Is the ultrasound being clear enough to rule out cancer? Has anyone ever dealt with AGC and had lesions on the cervix? Could it be both AGC and squamous cells? I live in a relatively small area, we do not have any gyno oncologists, and no one can really explain anything very well. All my research has led to either really dense med studies that are difficult to understand, or forums of questions with few answers. I want my pain to go away, it's making me irritable and nervous. There is no BV or yeast, no sign of infection. I just want to know what could possibly be going on. Please please help, any experiences or info would be appreciated. 

Hi, not sure if I can help buy in in a similar position. I had a colposcopy and Llets done which showed CGIN, the glandular cells. I also have pelvic pain and lower back pain  (right side), if I need to wee the pain is worse. It feels like my insides are squished.  I've been sent for an ultrasound but haven't received the letter yet. I'm just waiting for the results of my 2nd LLETZ. You can have abnormal cells in the sqamous cells (CIN) as well as glandular.  A LLETZ should tell you if there is any more in there but I worry like you that it could be missed.

I was told i had affected flat cells & glandular cells they said this right before my LLETZ was done but i never had it in writing ive never had a letter that says CGIN or anything like that. My friend has endometriosis and polycystic overies i know that can be painful. It sounds like they are doing all the right checks so its a waiting game i suppose. just be persistant and keep asking questions and demanding answers.  best of luck x

Thank you. I'm so worried and confused, I have no idea what a Leetz is, it hasn't been ordered for me. Just not sure if the glandular cells are even related to the lesions, ....actually I'm not even sure what a lesion means? Kristshan, will you tell me when you get your results? Best of luck ladies

I think lesions are a bunch of cells, but I could be wrong. I'll update you when I get my results.

Thank you. I asked my gyno what we would do if lesions,were low grade. She said we wouldn't do anything except repeat a pap in 12 months! Idk if that scares me or makes me feel better. Everything I've read says AGC is to be followed up frequently, combined w/ lesions, no matter the grade, I'd think some form of treatment would be necessary? Thoughts on this?

What does it end up being?

What did it end up being?