Are smear results taking longer than 6 weeks?

Hi ladies, I had my yearly smear on 9th March and I'm still waiting. 
I just wondered if anyone has had theirs back within 4-6 weeks or is it taking longer because of the current situation? 
Every time we get post I panic and I just want to know.

I hope everyone is coping ok? 

Hi I had mine on the 10th March and got result back on 20th. (Not good result though) xx

Hi Renee,

I also had my smear on 9th March and am still waiting. I called the GP after 5 weeks and was told they are taking around 8 weeks. I'm anxious too, I hope you get yours soon.

Oh Amie, I'm so sorry. Are they delaying treatment because of what's happening? 
Thinking of you xx

Thank you. I might ring the doctors tomorrow and see what they say. I feel bad with what's going on. 
Hope you get yours soon xx

Mine came back very quick...I had high grade severe dyskarosis and positive hpv. Went for colposcopy on 30th March, had lletz in 2 areas and sent off biopsy. Found out on 8th April there was cancerous cells. Had MRI on 9th now waiting for MDT meeting to discuss next steps...looking at hysterectomy atm. I am sure your results will be through quickly. Fingers crossed the no news is good news applies to you. As I said mine came through very quickly but wasn't good news. Keep us up to date xx 

I had my smear the 28th February got the results on 16th April. Mine came back high grade moderate changes so have to go for a colposcopy next week. Can't stop thinking the worst. Hopefully you're not waiting too much longer 

Lou1234 where do you live?  You are lucky to be getting a colposcopy next week. I live in Kent and they are all on hold!

Hi Ali

I live in East Yorkshire (near Hull) mine is high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis. Not sure if all are going ahead or just high grade ones.  

what was your result?


Aug 2014 - first smear cin 1 hpv, colposcopy, no treatment needed to return in a year.

2015 - smear due became pregnant so didn't have

Feb 2016 - normal (no mention of hpv not sure it was tested)

Feb 2017 - normal - moved back to 3 yearly smears.

Mar 2020 - hpv positive high grade(moderate) dyskaryosis


Petrified it's something bad cry


Thank you Lou, mine has come back abnormal and I've got to wait for a letter for a colposcopy. I wonder how long it will take under the circumstances. I hate the waiting. 
Hope your appointment goes ok xx

I got my results a little over 3 weeks after my smear. Came back HPV+ and severe dyskaryosis. The quick turn around is making me even more worried. I received my letter on Saturday and have a colposcopy appointment on Thursday. 

Hi Aimée, so sorry you're going through this too. I have a colposcopy on 12th May. I hope you get on ok. Please keep us posted. 
The waiting is the worst! 
Thinking of you xx