Results taking ages!

Hi Ladies,

I went for a colposcopy 3 weeks ago today for my 6 month check up, where they did a smear test. They also applied the solution and nothing showed up so they didn't bother with any biopsies. Only thing is I STILL haven't received the results from my smear.

On my last smear, with the abnormal cells, my results arrived in exactly a week and it just seems a long time. I'm not sure if this amount of time is normal so I haven't rang up yet to chase them, so I just wondered if anyone had any advise on whether this is too long, or normal?

I'm not as worried this time as the colposcopy doctor couldn't see the abnormal cells but i'm interested to see if HPV is still present and what my course of action is from here.

Thanks lovelies :) xx

Hi Fiona,

My opinion, based on my very recent experience, is to follow this up. Given your history I would not leave anything to chance.

I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer on Monday. 

I had an abnormal smear showing borderline changes.

The Colposcopy show nothing, even after the solution was applied it was clear.

A biopsy was taken which I beleive is the protocol here (ireland) because of the abnormal smear.

I have to have  a scan next week to grade it, they seem optimistic that it is early stages.

If your smear was normal then that would tally with the colposcopy. Just make sure that it was.


Hope all goes well.




Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, I hope all goes well with your scan.

I am definitely going to chase up my results, I was just wondering if I was being too hasty but I guess 3 weeks is definitely long enough. I'll call the doctors today :)

Thanks x

Hi Fiona, nobody could blame you if you were hasty, it's a truly worrying time and experience, those involved in the medical side have been doing this for years, we haven't, this isn't normal for us.

Thanks for the kind words.


Good luck 



Well I rang my GP, who said I would need to ring the colposcopy clinic where I had the smear. Called them and spoke to the rudest receptionist ever who didn't even take my name and check, just barked down the phone that it could be up to 6 weeks and they wouldn't check or chase until then.

So back to the waiting game again. I understand they see these cases everyday and it isn't a big deal to them but you'd think they'd have a bit of compassion.

I know it's a pain but no news is good news, from what I gather from speaking to someone's mum who was involved with the lab side of NHS, everything gets checked to a certain level, then anything high grade etc is worked on and results sent out ASAP, anything with no or low grade comes further down the pile. Not helpful I know know, I got my Lletz results today in just under 3 weeks, but I guess it depends on the area and how many people it covers x

Hi Stacey,

Thanks for your reply. It's more frustrating because it's just smear results i'm waiting for and it's down been almost 4 weeks. I could understand if it was Lletz results, i've just never heard of smear results taking as long.

But like you said, no news is good news, and as the hospital won't check unless it's been 6 weeks, i'll just have to sit and wait patiently and try put it to the back of my mind :)

Thanks x

Ugh isn't the waiting just horrible, every day that anxiety of wondering whether the post man delivered that letter.

It will be 3 weeks for me on Wednesday. As said above though, no news is good news. I think once that 2 week mark passed I started to relax a little, trying to tell myself I would have heard by now if it was serious. Fingers crossed for you and I hope you hear very soon xxx

Hi, Hopefully you have had your results back by now but if not, ring your doctors surgery and ask to speak to the practice manager ask her to ring the hospital and check for you.  That is what I had to do as I had the letter saying a needed a colp but no appointment and was also barked at when I rang the clinic (maybe its the same one) she managed to find out when my appointment was going to be....still had a two month wait but at least I knew.  Good luck

Hi P,

Thanks for your reply. Still no results so going to give it till Monday (almost 5 weeks then) and try your idea. Unfortunately my doctor's are pretty useless (they don't even do smear tests - I have to go elsewhere).

The hospital did have the cheek to send me a letter in the post asking me to review my experience following my smear before sending me any results. I could understand it if the results were for a biopsy as I know these can take 4-6 weeks but i've never heard of a smear test taking that long. I might be wrong but it's just not something i've heard of before.

Oh well, hopefully I will hear soon :) x