Results taking time

Hi, I had my 3 yearly smear test done on the 5th of June nearly 4 weeks ago now. I’m still waiting on my results and starting to feel very anxious :grimacing: I phoned the Gp last week to be told by the receptionist not to worry I would have been contacted sooner if there was a problem. A close friend had her smear on the same day (different) surgery and her results came back last week. Why are mine taking so long? How long do these results usually wait to come back sooo worried x

Hi Kelly,

Don’t be worried, you hear VERY quickly if they have found a problem, not hearing is a good thing!

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Thank you for your reply. I am just so worried because a friend had hers done on the same day as me and had her results last week (different surgery) Would they usually get in contact sooner if there was a problem?

Hi my results took a while to come back this time. They had found abnormal cells and I ended up having treatment. Sadly results not coming back quickly does not always mean that you are in the clear. However the care I had was amazing and thank goodness they are so thorough.

Hi, just a little update so I phoned up the Gp this morning to chase up my results they were really good and chased the lab. They phoned back 1hr later and told me that my test is in process! and waiting for for final results. Now I’m even more worried :worried: she did say due to staff shortage tests are taking at least six weeks to come back. Probably got another 2 week wait now! Worried sick x

Honestly no news is good news.
I had mine 7th June and literally a couple weeks later i got a letter basically saying i need a colposcopy.

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Results came back HPV positive waiting for the doctor to call back and explain the results I’m freaking out now :grimacing:

Glad you’ve had your results at last. Try not to worry too much. Easier said than done I know. They’re so great at sorting everything out. Please message me privately if you need more information. You’re in good hands I’m sure.

Hi Kelly,
Don’t freak out please. I had hpv positive and low grade cell changes last year. But my body cleared the virus within few months I am 48 years old as I had private smear and colposcopy after positive and the results came back negative.Now after an year I had my smear again with NHS and the results are negative. Just build up your immune system. Take multivitamins, folic acid, Vitamin B12, and AHCC if you can afford them.

Hi, Zoe could you give me some advice on what AHCC to buy please are they on Amazon?

Hi Kelly,

If they came back HPV positive but it hasn’t said anything about a colposcopy or LLETZ the chances are nothing has changed yet but they will probably want to monitor you more closely which is a good thing, it’ll make you feel safer.

I took AHCC Kinko Platinum Gold. I bought once from Amazon and then some bottles from They were quite expensive but I had so much anxiety and depression I just wanted to get rid of hpv and live my normal life.

Hi, i too had my smear 12th July and today received my results.
Hpv positive but no abnormalities.
I go back in one year for another smear

Hope i can get rid of the hpv before then

Hope you are ok xx

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Hi, bless you I freaked out a bit but after talking to some lovely ladies on the forum I am a little more relaxed about it. I now understand how common HPV is and it really is a good thing that we are going to be monitored for changes. I’ve started to try and eat more healthy foods and have ordered some AHCC as I’ve heard they can make a difference x

Hi Kelly,
I was absolutely petrified for my results
I have spoken to a few girls at work and also browsed through the website.
Ive heard good things about the AHCC tablets. Which ones have you ordered?
Are you due back in one year too?
Im going to start healthy eating too and stop the cigarettes Xx

Hi, yes I’ve got to go back in a years time I think everyone is a scared when they get that letter it’s only natural. I’ve also spoken to some friends and family in the hope that one says “oh yeah I had that” but so far nothing lol! But I know loads of women that have had abnormal cells in the past and had to have treatment before they tested for HPV.

I’ve ordered off Amazon premium Kinoko platinum

Same i also asked around and have found 2 in one day. Must be so common.
Ah lovely thank you so much i will also be ordering these :smile: xx

I think you don’t found any who had hpv because NHS only started screening hpv in 2019. Before 2019 they only looked for abnormal cells and if they found any abnormal cells then they tested for hpv. But now they test for hpv first and if hpv is positive then they test for abnormal cells.