6 weeks and still no results! Good news?

Hi all,

I had a colposcopy appointment 6 weeks ago today - 2 biopsies taken - 1 from the cervix and 1 from my womb - but I've still not had any results back and the GP hasn't heard anything either...

I'm trying to remain positive in thinking the longer the wait the more likely it is that I don't have cancer but it's literally driving me insane!

Anyone else had to wait this long for resilts? And if so was I'd good or bad news? 


6 weeks?!? Have you tried ringing them at all? Hopefully that means it's good news however if I was you I would be ringing to make sure- that is far too long to be waiting x

My results from my LLETZ treatment took 4-weeks. I did ring as I was getting anxious & they did say results are taking 4-6 weeks. I think definitely ring the clinic/hospital to see if they have them back, as they can tell you over the phone. My results were CIN3 & they got it all so back in 6-months for rest of cure :-)
Good luck for yours x

I've called once a week since week 2 and just get the same response every time 'sorry there is nothing on the system yet'. 

Sounds silly but I keep dreaming that my letter got lost in the post and that I should have been seen 5 weeks ago! 

I imagine after this long someone would have told me by now but just to get it in writing that it's not cancer would be a massive weight lifted off my mind xx

I'm glad to hear your results we positive ?

I'll give them another call on Monday and hopefully I'll get a different response xx

I must have had my colposcopy on the same day as you. Been waiting 6 weeks Fridsy just gone and still no results!

What were the results of your original smear?

Yes was 6 weeks ago Friday for me too!

Smear test came back with abnormal cell changes and HPV positive result. I've also been bleeding every day for the last 21 weeks and have been getting intense pain in my hip since November last year...

They must have a really big back log for the results to be taking so long... I hope you get your results back soon and that it's good news xx

Where roughly are you based? I'm Lincolnshire - got told has cancer last Wednesday- biopsy results came this Monday confirming, MRI today and results coming this week. I don't understand the backlog as it sounds a crazy long amount of time especially with all your symptoms xxx 

I'm in Blackpool... It's been 7 weeks on Friday and they still don't have the results ? 


I'm really sorry to hear you got bad news. I hope treatment goes well for you xx

Have you had your biopsy results back yet? X

I think if it was me I'd be getting politely assertive about the results.  When calling the colposcopy clinic i would be empahasising the point about ongoing symptoms (should be a reason to be prioritised) and ask if the clinic can please check with the lab - just in case something has got missed. mislaid etc.


Unfortunately not... 

It's been 8 weeks on Friday. I'm beginning to think that they have lost my results ? 

Did you get yours back? 


I'm getting to the stage of becoming angry about the wait... It's been 8 weeks on Friday and I honestly believe that they have lost my results ? I'm calling every day until I hear something back! 

No I haven't had mine either getting on my nerves now! Will call tomorrow x

It's just such a long time to wait! 

Im still choosing to stay positive though and think no news is good news...

I hope you get your results back soon! 

I've just phoned my clinic and they said my results came back today which I thought was a coincidence !  They said it was negative but will wait for a letter x

I phoned and got my results today too! 

Cin grade 2 but no treatment required... Due back for another smear test in 4 - 6 months!