Frustrated - Almost 6 weeks!

Hi all, I have posted previously but now getting very very anxious…

I had a smear on 26th October, was called in for an urgent colposcopy on the 9th November. Had LLETZ there and then with biopsy and the consultant said she would contact me within 2 weeks.

I was handed a leaflet at my appointment which told me I would have results within 4 weeks… 4 weeks passed and I heard nothing at all. I received a letter a couple of days later saying my results were going to be discussed at a meeting with pathologists.

This letter did not tell me when this meeting was or when I would hear back so I tried calling the sister’s number on the leaflet. I had to leave around 5 voicemails before I was finally able to speak to her, this was Wednesday the 9th December… She told me the meeting was the following Wednesday and that she would call me after it.

She didn’t call me so I called her that day and left another voicemail but she has still not got back to me and tomorrow will be 6 weeks since my colposcopy…

I’m so frustrated by this whole process, I would not have a clue what this was all for if it wasn’t for this forum, I don’t feel supported by the NHS at all.

Has anybody experienced this? Have you had a positive outcome from your biopsy results being discussed at a meeting? Or is it generally always bad news? I know nobody will have an answer to this one but why won’t anybody tell me anything, are my results so horrendous nobody wants to tell me?? Or is it a case of no news is good news?! Just needed to vent really, and a bit of hand holding :frowning:

Aww hun I could just imagine how your feeling....

Somtimes these receptionist don't realise how anxious this time is for us.....

These last 5 weeks for me have been awful

I have my lletz treatment tomorrow at 7am and I'm scared under GA 

They do say no news is good news

Hopefully you'll get some info soon x


I just had a similar experience waiting for results from September. I had to ring a few times but found that stressful and they did finally ring back last week.

So far in Cardiff they have been really good and I think this was a one off blip, but I know how you feel and hope you hear from them soon x

Thank you both for replying, I wouldn't feel so anxious had they not rushed the whole proceans to start with, they sent out my colposcopy appointment letter so quickly after my smear and with such urgency that I thought I was a goner for sure!! 

But now it just seems nobody wants to talk to me and every time I try and speak to them, I get made to feel like a nuisance. The one time I've spoken to the Sister in the Gynaecology department, she kept calling me "Darlin" and actually had the cheek to say "Dont you remember, the Doctor drew you a picture of the outcome of your smear???" .. The doctor drew a flowchart showing that my smear came back as high grade changes, yes but that's not what I'm trying to find out.. I just want my results, good or bad!!

i don't even know what to do, I'm off work for the Xmas break now so have nothing to take my mind off the wait.. I have my beautiful son but every time I look at him I start thinking the worst and just cry :-( 

Hi Cherrydrop, keeping everything crossed for you that you get your results soon, and that they are good news. The waiting is so hard. I had my colposcopy appointment and lletz for high grade changes on 25th November, so haven't been waiting as long as you. The drs and nurses (4 in all) were all lovely and I was told that ideally my results should be back in a week as they class them as urgent, but that realistically it would take between 2-3 weeks. That was 4 weeks ago tomorrow! I live near an area which had that dreadful flooding lately, and although the hospital wasn't flooded, I know they had to use the emergency generators for a while. I expected that this would delay my results, but I'm just finding it hard to be patient. I rang the GP this morning, but they hadn't heard anything either.