6 month follow up, please help!

I am wondering if anyone can give me some advise here, I would be very grateful!


I had LLETZ treatment last year for CIN3 and received a letter from my hospital last week for my follow up smear test. I went to the hospital yesterday where they carried out my smear test, that was all I was expecting and to be sent on my way but no.. she there and then said she wasn't happy and carried out a colpocopy and took a biopsy and is testing me for HPV.


Should I be so worried that they didnt even wait for my smear results? I was so taken back by what they were doing as I wasnt expecting any of it at all I just didnt ask any questions and came out of there feeling so overwhelmed!


If anyone can help I would appreciate it as I am going out of my mind and starting this waiting game again for my results...


Thank you! x

Hi, Stacey.

I think it's good that they've done what they did - it's probably saved you a trip back for colposcopy.  I'm in the same boat as I have just had my 6 month smear come back with low grade changes.  The nurse has probably seen a similar result for you.

I'm just trying to rationalise that maybe it takes some people a bit longer to clear HPV.

Hope it goes well for you x

Hi Libby1983,


Thank you for your reply.


I am trying to stay positive I guess its just such a knock back when you get news that you aren't expecting and thinking everything will be OK!


I hope the colposcopy goes well and no further treatment is needed! Good luck x

Hi Stacey

Sorry you are having to go through this again. Hopefully they were being over cautious and it will all come back fine. If not, and you do need more treatment, you don't have the agony of waiting on your smear results, then a colposcopy date and then biopsy results which feels like the longest wait ever.... They probably did this knowing that you would have already been through a lot of worry and want to limit any examinations as much as possible.

Fingers crossed for you that it all comes back fine for you. Big hugs


Hi stacey, i had my 6 month recall 2 weeks ago and i did also have a colposcopy. I was under the impression it was just a smear but as ive been experiencing pains down below since lletz I mentioned this to her and she said she was going to take a look at me....I felt better for having the colposcopy and as libby said it has saved you a trip and the possibility of having to wait for more results, at least its all done in one for you.

Hope your results are back with you soon xx

Blimey! That sounds super-efficient! You lucky woman!

Whatever will they come up with next? Drive-in gynaecology?

Be lucky :-)


Thank you ladies!

I am now experiencing quite heavy bleeding and cramping pains, I had none of this last time and definitely not with the biopsy, I am hoping that it is all normal and calm down in a few days!