Anyone with UTI after colposcopy ?☹️?


just wondering if maybe someone has experiences same symptoms as me.

I had colposcopy and biopsy (LEEP) 3 weeks ago now. I have developed UTI that has now been treated with 2 different antibiotics . And although it's much better that it was I become paranoid . I feel like the way I urinate is not the same. It's difficult to explaine but I get this strange feeling that it's difficult to pee, and like I have this strange pressure in my cervix. Has anyone had similar expirience ? I have to add that I am now on BV antibiotics .... just in case it's not only Uti. I have a massive fear now that I have bladder cancer.. please help ?

Oh no milo, bless you. 


I think we had our lletz at the same time?


I've had that feeling ever since lletz or being able to wee but almost having this Subconscious hesitancy. 


I have occasionally had symptoms that made me wonder if I might have a uti but I hate speaking to my doctors receptionists so haven't called and so far, I've not ended up in agony, so I'm presuming I don't have a uti. 


Although tonight I had about 90 seconds of the most awful stabbing pains right up my cervix. But no change in discharge and still no blood. 


It's so tough isn't it. Everyone has so many different experiences, it's really difficult to understand what we have that is normal and not normal. 


I really hope you're okay. What are BV antibiotics? Xx