Infection after colposcopy

Had colposcopy beginning of month and since then have had infection after infection. Went back to docs yesterday who said antibiotics have now caused thrush on top of everything else and if I start to feel unwell or get temperature I have to go straight to a&e. So drained and had enough of being in pain. Recieved letter today saying I have to have lletz treatment again.

ahhh jess iv also had one on antibiotics atm,,,, currently eating as much live yougurt as possible so i dont end up with thrush!! 


the joys of being a women!!! 



3 lots of antibiotics now and I have cystit's. I give up. Feeling so low at the mo and some now managed to break my toilet by going to the loo 50+ times today. Just about to check temprature as think I have a fever so will mean a trip to a&e :( 

hi jess how you feeling atm? you have cystitis now too?? surely the antibiotics would have wiped that out ??


know exactly what you mean about feeling low...  this whole experience has just made me feel so stressed ill and worried! 



Hi Ruby thank for caring. Still feeling dreadful going to try get doctors appointment tomorrow and you would think but with my luck it doesn't surprise me. Bf seems to have the hump with me all the time aswell :( xx

how did your doctors app go? x

They said they are concered about the bleeding and the pain and turns out i have yet another infection. Have now been given more anti biotics and im waiting for the hospital to call me as they want me to go in ASAP. Doctor going to call me tomorrow xx

Is there alot of blood? I'm due to finish my antibiotics tomorrow but still got back pain plus they have made me feel so weak and tired! Make sure you are getting enough water and looking after yourself xxx

Doctor booked me in for ultrasound to see if everything has cleared up llhetz in a couple weeks but now they have found a massive cyst on my ovaries :( one thing after another cx